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Resident keeps MCRC before supervisors

The Mohawk Community Resource Center needs to become a line item, said local resident George Power.

Power was speaking to the Plumas County Board of Supervisors during the public comment period of the regular meeting Tuesday, Dec. 10.

A handful of area residents were also present to hear Power address the full Board of Supervisors.

Fees for veterans halls in the county’s other four supervisorial districts are part of the regular budget, Power pointed out. Those residents of District Five have no similar hall and have used the MCRC since former supervisor Don Clark made those arrangements in 2004.

District 5 Supervisor Jeff Engel attended a regularly scheduled meeting of the MCRC Board of Directors on Wednesday, Dec. 4. Engel went a long way toward alleviating residents’ concerns about the center closing immediately, Power told supervisors.

Between 50 to 60 people showed up at that regularly scheduled board of directors meeting to voice their concerns and show their support of the center.

Power advocated for the funding to become a line item in the budget like other halls available to residents in the other four districts.

Difficulties began in late November when Plumas County Facility Services Director Kevin Correira sent the board a letter stating the county was ending its lease Dec. 31.

Plumas Rural Services, which organizes most of the programs at the center, also received the letter.

Correira was part of a county team headed by County Administrator Gabriel Hydrick. It also included Public Health Agency Director Andrew Woodruff. In an effort to cut back on Plumas County’s government expenses, the trio went over the contract and made the decision.

Engel contacted Hydrick immediately after learning of the pending closure. Hydrick in turn sent out a letter rescinding previous action.

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