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Resolution on sanctuary status gets stuck in the motions

There are two battling governments when it comes to immigration laws, and the Plumas County Board of Supervisors demonstrated that split decision at its regular board meeting May 1. The board was faced with a resolution that declared support of federal immigration law, and rejected any county sanctuary policy.

The resolution was presented by District 3 Supervisor Sherrie Thrall after a number of California counties passed similar resolutions. The resolution was a response to the recent passage of SB 54 in October 2017, declaring California a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.

According to the bill’s text, SB 54 prohibits state and local law enforcement “from using money, personnel or resources to investigate, detain, detect or arrest persons for immigration enforcement.”

Many counties have pushed against the law, including San Diego, Shasta, and Orange. The number of counties that have passed similar resolutions against the sanctuary state continues to grow. However, Plumas County will not be added to that list.

With only four members present at the board meeting, the board vote was split and left the resolution in a stalemate.

If it had passed, the resolution would have demonstrated adherence to the federal laws on immigration, and declared that Plumas County is not a sanctuary county.

“One thing I am not going to do is put our $25 million jail grant in jeopardy,” said District 4 Supervisor Lori Simpson.

“Plumas County depends upon a lot of federal and state money,” said District 5 Supervisor Jeff Engel, “and although I feel very strongly that I don’t want to be a sanctuary county, I also don’t want to jeopardize, like Lori said, a $25 million grant that we have to build a new jail … We don’t have the money yet folks.”

The new jail grant is slated to be funded through SB 844, the adult local criminal justice facilities construction financing program aimed toward providing jail facilities to small California counties. The grant request is still in the approval process at the state level.

“We need to just stay out of it,” said Simpson. “This is just a political stunt.”

“It would only take one bureaucrat in Sacramento to raise the red flag and put the kibosh on this grant,” said Engel.

“There is a point in time, ladies and gentlemen, where we have to vote for what is right …” said District 1 Supervisor Mike Sanchez. “I don’t want to jeopardize the jail, but at the same time, we have to get off our butts and start protecting our citizens. … Why do we want a sanctuary for people that we don’t know why they are here?”

“This is very symbolic,” Sanchez continued. “This is not an ordinance that is going to change anything, It is symbolic in nature. It is a gesture, but if it aggravates a lobbyist or politician and we end up losing our jail … then we probably didn’t serve the community right.”

Sanchez motioned to table the matter for two months until they learn more about the grant and what other counties were doing. Thrall seconded the motion, but it failed during the voting period due to a tie. Simpson then moved to deny the adoption of the resolution, thus declaring that the county complies with state laws on immigration, but that motion failed with only Engel and Simpson voting in favor.

The resolution did not go through. However, the matter can be taken up again in future meetings.

25 thoughts on “Resolution on sanctuary status gets stuck in the motions

  • Plumas County does NOT have to prove anything, ever. My values and Morals were created in Plumas County growing up. Some including respecting the LAW, you break it, pay the price. I hope Mr. Sanchez understands it is merely another way Liberals attack our belief in our local government and how we were raised in Plumas County God & Country and little league. Plumas County Residents are truly blessed to have ONE of the Best Sherriffs ever. I guarantee Sherriff Hagwood DOES EVERYTHING TO PROTECT ALL PEOPLE in Plumas County. So the vote should be 100 % to support ALL LAWS.

    • The sheriff’s department doesn’t have the time or resource to enforce federal immigration law. I will also point to the fact that doing so makes immigrants and their families targets of crime and abuse due to their unwillingness to cooperate or even contact local athorities when a real crime is actually committed.

      • Taxpayer/voter

        The Sheriff’s Office always has time to enforce the LAW. The only way they become targets is by there own people. Not Law Enforcement. They like anyone else who fails to contact Law Enforcement when a real crime is in progress is on them. Illegal is illegal PERIOD.

      • If they weren’t here illegally in the first place they wouldn’t have an issue contacting law enforcement. N

    • Amen

      • WOW

      • I thought church and God was about loving everyone no matter who they are, just wait for all the prejudice people out there, wait and see what happens to the economy when they are no longer here spending their hard earned money. Between the discrimination and the Orange Turd they call a president this world is going to hell in a very fast way.

        • *like*

          Yes, such a good point, Church and God is also about forgiveness. How are we to forgive Trump’s infidelity, yet not forgive immigrants for crossing an imaginary line?

  • These would be immigrants are fleeing conditions from their country often due to the foreign policy of the USA. For over a century the us has been the puppet master and pulled the strings for every Central American country. The us has supported and defended dictators, supported business that benefit us interests, and done horrific medical experiments. These immigrants fleeing are the direct result of our meddling in other countrys. If we don’t like the displaced seeking peace and prosperity, perhaps we shouldn’t create so many conflicts. I’m sure they’d like to have god country and little league. Instead we gave them Samoza, United fruit, and syphillis. We wouldn’t like to live under our foreign policy.

    • Mexico has the 15th most wealthy economy in the world, and healthcare which is much more affordable than that of the USA. We have millions of people sleeping on the streets who need our help. Homeless people are not responsible for the evils the government perpetrates on the world and should NOT suffer more for it. I have donated thousands of dollars to lobby our corrupt politicians to divert funds which are used for illegal immigrants to instead be used to help the homeless people. Not a shred of sympathy from our disgusting California politicians, they only care about their open borders agenda, not American people.

    • Spot on! Same method being used to destroy Mid. East and African countries, create refugees- then ship them straight to Europe. By 2025 Europe will be less than 50% white.
      Mexico was targeted with weaponized grain subsidized to put Mexican farmers out of business. Hedge funds shorted the Peso. Then farmers offered factory work in a factory pulled from USA.
      There is a consorted effort worldwide to artificially change demographics of Western countries to multi-cultural. And to destroy and balkanize developing countries. These globalist policies are hurting all countries involved.

      And as far as GRANT? It’s synonomous with BRIBE!!
      Just tack it on the kids’ tab. Only $28 trillion in debt by 2019.. what’s another $25 mil…

      • Congratulations! You share the same political ideologies as Hitler!

        Gtfo with your white nationalist propaganda, fool.

  • We need the Grant To build a new jail to house all the illegals that will be breaking our country’s laws Its sad to say its all bout the free money !!!

    • Think about that the next time all these freedom bunker builders start talking tough about Jefferson and tyranny. Jeff Engel said it best “Plumas County depends upon a lot of federal and state money.” Couldn’t do it without you but rarely show acknowledgement of it. Plumas needs a new jail because the old one has numerous inadequacies. It’s a sad revelation that because we will have a larger jail we then have the desire to fill it to capacity.

    • You’re such a bigot, go down to the jails on any given day and lets count how many Mexicans are in jail -v- white people. Also why don’t you check your facts before spouting your mouth, it’s not the illegals sucking off the system it’s the WHITE PEOPLE………………..PERIOD

  • “Plumas”, Sacramento, Chico, Merced, Mariposa, Manteca, Fresno, San Francisco, California…..etc….All Spanish names given to places here in the west when it was a part of Mexico. Hispanic folk resided here before Europeans came looking for gold. All of us with the exception of the Maidu are a product of immigrants from somewhere else.
    Immigration is what makes the country unique and great, what sets us apart. To deny that is to be against “American” values.
    The fear and alienation of immigrants inspired by politicians is nothing new. Get people scared, then you can control them. I see no reason to fear the gardener, dishwasher, or nanny just doing what our Irish, Italian, Polish, German ancestors did in pursuit of a better life.

  • Pretty sad day when we are trapped by Federal funds! It aould be nice if we had some backbone, get tje jail done then vote to protect us from illegals, we are going to be one of the few counties that they can still come to….

    • Are you drunk? Those are STATE grants. It’s not a wonder you failed in your bid for county supervisor, thank God. You share the ideologies of child molester Roy Moore and convicted felon Joe arpaio, truly a deplorable stain on society, sad.

      And one more thing, where are your “brilliant” libertarian views about property rights and states rights when it came to our county’s ban on cannabis cultivation, a now legal crop in California?

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