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Reta Spencer Celebration of Life

A celebration of life for Reta Spencer (August 6th, 1935-October 19th, 2021) will be held at Greenville Cemetery on August 6th, at 10 am.

Reta went to be with Jesus on October 19th, 2021. Reta moved with her husband Boyd Spencer (August 24th, 1930-August 15th, 2008) to the Indian Valley in 1983, where they became active members of the Greenville Methodist Church.

Reta was part of the leadership team there and organized many of the community events sponsored by the Church.

Reta was a well-loved Wife, Mother and Grandmother as well as a treasured friend of our community.

We would like to invite all who wish to celebrate her life to the Memorial being held at the Greenville Cemetery on August 6th at 10 am.

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