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Reward offered toward information of theft of goose eggs

A goose and her eggs have disappeared and someone is responsible.

The crime happened right after the publication of the nesting goose photograph on the front page of the April 5 edition of the Feather River Bulletin, according to Dutch Scoppwer, a resident near the nesting site.

Although the caption did not include a location of the goose, Scoppwer believes that someone identified the site.

Scoppwer said that some neighbors near the nesting site heard a commotion sometime during the night, but they didn’t get up to check. When Scoppwer went to the area the following morning everything was gone.

Scoppwer said that the elevated platform the goose chose wasn’t easy to get to. He didn’t believe that a wild animal could manage it. So, that leaves people.

“I used to stop and talk to her and she’d hold her head up,” Scoppwer said.

A lot of the people who live along that section of Chandler Road also appreciated the goose and her quiet efforts to produce and raise another family.

According to Scoppwer, the same goose hatched out goslings last year from the same nest. She was able to tend to all of them until they reached maturity and could fly away.

“A lot of people don’t care. Life don’t mean nothing no more,” he said with compassion.

Scoppwer is offering a $100 reward for information about who disturbed the nest and did away with the eggs. Those with legitimate information can call 283-0800.

Reporter’s note: I’m the one who was driving aimlessly down Chandler Road one day. I noticed the goose and turned my car around to attempt to get a photo. As I carefully approached the nesting goose, I thought it odd that she didn’t startle. Most geese rush off when a human approaches.

After I took the photo, I thought that everyone in the area already knew the goose was there, but I didn’t want to tip off others of her presence so close to the road. I did leave out that I was on Chandler Road, but if Mr. Scoppwer is right, that wasn’t enough.

I take photographs that interest me and I hope they interest others. My intent isn’t to incite destruction. I’m sorry about the goose losing this year’s group of offspring. And I hope she’s safe somewhere. I’m also sorry that the people in Mr. Scoppwer’s neighbor have lost something they value so highly. Obviously, we need more people like them.

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