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Rock House Revival update

Owners need a structural engineer

Clean up toward the immediate goal of getting the Rock House Café operational and open for business property continues to move forward.Dave and Karen, owners of the Rock House property (in Concow on Highway 70), are working hard to clean up any remaining debris from the fire, and “jumping through the hoops” to have the café become operational.

Unfortunately, they have encountered a difficult obstacle in finding a structural engineer who can evaluate the ruins of the larger Rock House structure to determine what parts of the walls or foundation are sound enough to leave in place, or re-use for re-modeling.

The original engineers they hired are now not available, and the possible replacements available in Butte County may not be available to do this work for weeks, or months. Recovery work in the Butte County fire zones is simply that far “backed up.”  

Karen and Dave want to reach out to the citizens of Plumas County to ask if anyone can help them find a structural engineer who can do this evaluation in the near future — two to four weeks. Anyone who can help is encouraged to contact Dave and Karen by phone or text at 805-512-0763, or by email at A final option is to contact Ken Donnell by email at

Getting the Rock House Café operational again will provide a huge emotional boost to the citizens of the Concow area. It will be a visible sign of recovery, and provide a friendly location where Concow residents can gather for planning, sharing stories, and healing the deep emotional wounds left by the Camp Fire disaster.

Those in Plumas County, who have been spared the negative impacts from this disaster, can make a huge difference toward recovery from the Camp Fire just by making simple steps to reach out and help individual persons and families who are still struggling with the every day needs of life.  

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