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Role of probation department in helping protect our children

The Plumas County Probation Department plays a very important role in identifying and preventing many of the forms and factors of child abuse.

As Mandated Reporters, when we recognize a situation or receive information that indicates possible child abuse or neglect, we ensure this information is immediately relayed to Child Protective Services so swift action can be taken to aid the child or children and to help prevent any future victimization. Our mission is helping to protect the community and to reduce recidivism which includes giving due regard to the protection and welfare of children.

At the Probation Department, child abuse prevention means building relationships and assisting the family unit as a whole to interact together in a way that is beneficial to a child’s mental and physical growth.

It means encouraging parents to build a healthy support system and to assist in identifying areas where they are struggling in an effort to ensure appropriate services are in place.

It means helping to reduce or eliminate stressors and destructive behavior by educating them about the many resources available in our communities.

It means holding parents accountable, guiding them through rehabilitation when necessary, and providing them the opportunity to learn positive parenting skills leading to healthy, informed decision making.

Working side by side with many service providers in Plumas County as well as other governmental agencies, we stay diligent and committed in our task of improving public safety and promoting positive behavioral and lifestyle changes.

2 thoughts on “Role of probation department in helping protect our children

  • Then why the increase in CPS calls since the cannabis moratorium? Disease plagues Plumas; access to cannabis HELPS disintegrate the opioid epidemic that chokeholds our citizens. Statistics and data don’t lie…

  • Sounds good, but….Teaching, encouraging, helping, building relationships and assisting the family unit as a whole requires services from those who are trained specifically in teaching nurturing family relationships to individuals on probation so that it can be passed on to their children and families.

    Since the probation department and cps are trained in their specific fields, who is providing those services?

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