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Save your children; Trump won’t

The evil presence in the White House has already caused the deaths of over 130,000 Americans. His seemingly purposeful gross negligence has allowed the USA to have the most infections and deaths from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

While other nation’s leaders have implemented policies and procedures to minimize the spread of this virus, POTUS 45 and his gubernatorial and Congressional sycophants have not only done nothing to stop the spread of this disease, they have stopped the means of controlling the spread of this most deadly disease.

Now the evil presence wants to reopen our schools so that our children are exposed to COVID-19. He seemingly wants your child to acquire this disease and most people know that this is 100 percent wrong.

So, how intelligently will the parents of school age and Plumas County officials act? Given the political makeup of this county and the idiocy of certain County Supervisors and school board members, there is a good chance that they will open the schools.

Parents, please be smart. This is a global contagious virus that kills or greatly harms the body they infect. Americans are dead because of the lack of leadership or leadership that purposefully sends Americans into harms way. We all know that school age children and their schools are petri dishes of diseases. Many children and their parents get sick due to the school environment.

Just think what will happen when America’s children get infected with COVID-19. If I had school age children, they would be home schooled. Not every parent can do that, but it sure beats losing your child to this virus. Do your best.

Mark Mihevc


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