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Scenery spectacular while fishing at Almanor

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

[email protected]

Spring has finally arrived in Plumas County, snow is melting, creeks are running, lake level is rising, and water temperatures are approaching 50 degrees. Folks at the lake are seeing insects hatching for the first time this year. Sixty-degree temperatures are the new norm, and the scenery is spectacular with all the snow-covered mountains.

There is still snow at lake level and lots of snow along the west shore. Bailey Creek, Hamilton Branch, the North Fork of the Feather and the Super Ditch are all flowing strong. With all the water coming into Almanor there is  a slow steady increase in lake level.

Boat activity has increased significantly in the  past week and several weekend bass tournaments. Canyon Dam remains the only available public ramp. 

“Trollers are picking up a mix of bows and browns, you will need to weed through smaller fish before you find quality,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. “Fish remain scattered throughout the lake, with smaller fish higher in the water column. We caught fish fast and slow trolling along the East Shore, at the dam, Big Cove to the Peninsula, the West Shore and from Prattville to Almanor West this past week.”

Pick your preferred method and be patient, covering ground is key to success. “Red/Gold, Perch, Brown Trout and Red Dot frog speedy shiners and Rapala’s, at 2.5 mph and crawlers & plastics at one mph all worked for us,” said Crotty.

Fishing conditions are tough at the branch at best, shore anglers are targeting their efforts around the dam. The Super Ditch, where it enters the lake, is also an option.

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