School board approves tentative agreement, raises for teachers

The Plumas Unified School District’s Governing Board of Trustees approved a tentative agreement June 26 with the Plumas County Teachers Association (PCTA) for a contract covering the next three school years.

Meeting at the district’s Quincy headquarters, Trustees Traci Holt, clerk of the board; Dave Keller; and Dwight Pierson voted 3-0 on the contract that provides a 3 percent raise for teachers during the 2019-20 school year and a 2 percent raise in 2020-21.

The contract includes no specific pay increase for 2021-22, but does provide contingency language for a 0-to-2 percent raise if the district’s financial reserves are maintained at a minimum of 17 percent or above.

Trustees Joleen Cline and Leslie Edlund, president of the school board, were unable to attend the meeting.


PCTA President Suzanne Stirling addressed the governing board and said, on behalf of the teachers’ association, she was pleased to announce that educators with PUSD and the Plumas County Office of Education voted 96 to 3 to ratify their collective bargaining agreement with the district.

“We feel this is an agreement that fairly supports each side,” Stirling commented, “and PCTA would like to thank both the district and the governing board for our respectful and productive negotiations over the past school year.”

In addition to salary increases for the teachers, other agreed-upon contract language clarified hours of employment for part-time employees.

PCTA leadership changes

Stirling also advised the trustees there would be a few changes in the union’s PCTA Representative Council.

Tania Hutchins will serve as the new site representative at Portola High School.

Quincy High and Quincy Elementary will each be holding site rep elections in September.

The PCTA Executive Board will undergo changes, too.


  Yvonne Casalnuovo, a PUSD instructional coach, was appointed as the new lead negotiator. Matt McMorrow, a science teacher at Quincy High, and Steve Dutton, a Portola High social studies teacher, were each appointed to the union’s negotiations team as well.

Additionally, Stirling said Dutton will serve as the negotiations budget chair and will attend the California Teachers Association’s annual budget conference at UCLA later this summer.

Classified employees’ agreement

In other business, the school board also voted 3-0 to approve a tentative agreement with PUSD’s Classified School Employees Association.

The agreement clarified language, but did not have any costs associated with it.