School district to address QHS playing fields drainage issues

Spring is definitely in the air, rain clouds and all, which means warm-weather sports are ramping up around the county.

In Quincy, parents want an update on plans to improve the playing fields at Quincy Junior-Senior High. Will Measure B bond monies be available to help?

As a local sports mom and president of the Plumas Unified School District’s Governing Board of Trustees, Leslie Edlund was happy to address the topic this week.

“I appreciate a fellow parent reaching out about the QHS athletic fields,” she told Feather Publishing in a statement. “The current plan for the athletic fields is to do some core sampling to accurately determine what the source of the drainage problem is. This is planned for this spring, but we need to have a dry field in order to get the equipment out there without tearing things up.”


Edlund explained that once the district knows what they are “up against” in terms of the subsoil, they can make a plan that best addresses the issues the QHS field has.

“We have tried multiple options over the last 10 years or so, in an effort to make small changes that we hoped would work,” the school board president stated. “We are now at the point where we want to find the source of the problem so that we can fix it properly. Having Measure B bond funds available is helping us to pursue better solutions.”

She added that the governing board is fully supportive of this project and said the trustees understand the concerns about the field.

They are continually weighing all of the district’s facility projects to ensure PUSD is spending its money “on our highest priorities,” she said, “but the board knows this is important to our students and families.”


Edlund offered these further thoughts. “As a fellow soccer mom, I have witnessed the floods at one side of the field, the brown grass at the other, and the puddles in front of the goalie box!” she said. “The board has already made the commitment to the soil testing. Once we see those results, our project manager will be able to develop a plan to address the concerns.”

For more information, contact the school district at 283-6500.