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Schools closed through April 24

Food service success likely to grow

Plumas Unified School District (PUSD) announced March 25 that K-12 school site closures in Chester, Greenville, Portola and Quincy have been extended through April 24.

Spring Break is part of the closure period, April 6 through 10.

As California’s statewide health response to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic continues, PUSD teachers and administrators remind families of the district’s core value to “Explore, Learn and Thrive!”

Therefore, teachers and PUSD leaders are encouraging students to keep up with their studies while at home. The district would like students to take advantage of “distance learning” opportunities being put in place. Supplemental coursework packets and digital devices such as 645 Chromebooks for elementary students have also been sent home.

Connected with technology

The school district is prioritizing continuity of learning with supplemental distance learning. Teachers have created content and are holding real-time conferences with students through “Zoom,” a free video conferencing software available on the web.

Distance learning can include audio and video instruction, regular check-ins with your teacher, computer learning, telecourses or television offerings, print materials, written assignments, teacher feedback and other resources.

PUSD said staff meetings and collaboration have also gone digital using “Zoom.”

Is the work required?

Families and students have a lot of questions about doing classwork at home. PUSD provided the following information to clarify expectations about the supplemental packets and activities while schools are closed.

Is the work required?

“The short answer is yes and no,” PUSD stated. With many state regulations and guidelines, some of which are changing rapidly, they are offering supplemental instruction between March 24 and April 24.

The district further said in order to require assignments to be completed, there are many factors to consider including equity and access, as well as special education. If PUSD school closure extends beyond the anticipated return date of April 24, they are exploring a long-term distance-learning plan that will require student work to be completed.

Kristy Warren, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services offered clarification in the PUSD statement.

“Bottom line,” she wrote, “is that all students should take advantage of this opportunity to (use this time to) #OwnYourLearning. In order to maintain your skills and prepare for your future, take advantage of the opportunities your teachers are providing. When we return to school, we expect that students will have completed supplemental learning.”

However, she added, student work done during this time will not be graded for credit but will contribute towards academic progress in the courses they are
taking. Simply put, Warren explained, it’s not about the grade; it’s about the learning.

Testing is suspended

The school district is working on three scenarios for a return to school in late April or May, depending upon the length of the vital COVID-19 response and public safety needs. At this time, no one knows what will come.

There are no plans to hold school during the summer.

According to PUSD, California has suspended the following state testing:

– California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) is suspended for grades three through three through eight and 11th grade.

– English Language Proficiency Assessments for California English Learners.

– Physical Fitness Testing for grade five, eight and nine.

COVID-19 updates online

A new COVID-19 information section has been added to the Plumas Unified School District’s website and families are encouraged to visit this for updates  www.pcoe.k12.ca.us/apps/pages/COVID19UPDATES.

For more information, please contact your student’s teacher or call 283-6500.

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