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Quincy high school student Tristan McMichael, far left, tells QES Pioneer site teachers and Principal Melissa Groh, center, about the new Plumas Performing Arts nonprofit that will support music, theater and dance education at schools throughout the county. PPA is seeking input from all area schools in Chester, Greenville, Portola and Quincy, including Plumas Charter and Plumas Christian School. Photo by Roni Java

Schools learn about support for performing arts

Quincy Junior-Senior High School student Tristan McMichael is making great headway on his mission to bring support for performing arts to every school in Plumas County.

He is making the rounds of all K-12 campuses to inform teachers and administrators about the goals and plans of Plumas Performing Arts (PPA), the new nonprofit organization he co-founded with fellow musician and arts booster Marty Walters.

McMichael and Walters are volunteering their time and considerable talents to the PPA endeavor. Accomplished artists in their own right, the busy performers were well received at their August presentation before the Plumas Unified School District’s Governing Board of Trustees. Since then, they have coordinated individual orientation talks with QJSHS and Quincy Elementary’s Alder Street and Pioneer sites.

Next stop, Plumas Christian School and Plumas Charter School’s Quincy site. Additional presentations are planned for teachers and principals in Chester, Greenville and Portola, as well.

The PPA presentations go over what the nonprofit is all about and how it grew from a commitment McMichael and Walters share to promote and support performing arts in Plumas schools, including music, theater and dance.

“We’re kind of a booster club for performing arts,” the young man told educators last week. “How many of you would like support for instruments or professional development around music, drama and dance?”

Hands shot up and smiles broke out as the yeses were offered in response.

McMichael told the QES audience on Oct. 16 that he and Walters are asking for input from every school about how best to assist them and support the performing arts at their locations. What would they most like to see?

Teachers at the QES Pioneer campus started naming options and making suggestions off the bat, including recommendations to acquire ukuleles because they are small and easy to learn to play.

“And affordable to repair!” McMichael replied, eliciting laughter from his audience.

Closing out the presentation, McMichael thanked the teachers for their time and comments and asked how many would be interested in being part of an onsite committee to provide more information and refine recommendations for their school’s specific needs? Volunteers immediately offered their names.

McMichael and Walters will make similar presentations and requests at each school location they visit in the coming weeks. And they’ll be encouraging all interested educators to reach out to them with ideas and suggestions by emailing PPA at [email protected].

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