Seneca Healthcare District unveils new logo

Seneca Healthcare District’s new logo. Image submitted

The Seneca Healthcare District logo and brand have been transformed. In a press release today, district officials said the new logo is a small part of the many positive changes currently underway at Seneca.

“Our goal is to strengthen our service line offerings and quality healthcare commitment to our community as a continuously evolving organization where high-reliability care and community collaboration are key focal points. Our new branding is a part of the overall transformation and reimagining of our healthcare delivery in the Lake Almanor Basin,” the release read.

A new look and experience will be prevalent throughout the healthcare campus. Digital and print media rebranding will be reflected on Seneca’s website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, as well as on all of its advertising and promotional products.

Beyond the new logo, Seneca Healthcare District has launched several new facility-wide projects to improve services, processes, aesthetics, and communications.  As these projects progress, more details will be shared.