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Seneca thanks auxiliary for life-saving equipment

Seneca Healthcare District announced today, April 12, that it received a donation of $16,630.34 from Seneca Hospital Auxiliary for a LUCAS Device, which assists in extending reach of care by maintaining chest compressions for advanced lifesaving therapies. It can improve provider safety by avoiding fatigue over long durations, and reduces transport risks.

Seneca Hospital Auxiliary has also committed to pay for the (much needed) Olympus Electrocautery Equipment, along with other important equipment, as well.

Seneca Healthcare District expressed its gratitude for the generosity and support of the Seneca Hospital Auxiliary. “It is through donations such as this, that we can further progress in our dedication to excellent patient care, and continue in the important work of our hospital today, and well into the future,” said a healthcare district spokeswoman.



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