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Seneca updates residents on vaccine rollout

Seneca Healthcare District received 200 Moderna COVID-19 vaccines from the Plumas County Public Health Agency this week. Seneca administered 190 vaccines during its vaccination clinic at the Memorial Hall in Chester on Feb. 10-11. Vaccinations were provided to patients that fall under the (Phase 1b Tier 1), ages 75 years and over, who made appointments through Public Health. The remaining 10 vaccines are scheduled to be administered to Seneca’s senior nursing residents.

Seneca acknowledged Chester Fire, Peninsula Fire and West Almanor Fire and Rescue. These three organizations worked side-by-side with Seneca both days. The fire/rescue partners assisted with the administering vaccinations, monitoring those vaccinated and providing Emergency Services transport support to act as an overall safety net for the vaccine clinic. Seneca also acknowledged Public Health for its assistance and the county’s Facilities Department for allowing it to the use of the Memorial Hall for the vaccination clinic.

According to Public Health guidance: “Plumas County is currently vaccinating Phase 1b Tier 1. The state has prioritized 65 and older regardless of underlying medical condition for Phase 1b Tier 1. Unfortunately, at this time due to lack of available vaccines, Plumas County has prioritized 75 and older to be vaccinated, as recommended by the state, if vaccines are limited. As soon as 75 and older have been vaccinated, then the next group will be 65-74 regardless of underlying medical condition.”

Public Health recommends checking its  website https://plumascounty.us/2761/COVID-19-Vaccine regularly for updates. This website has an information portal where those wanting the vaccine can enter their information and add their name to the Public Health’s vaccination list. Seneca Healthcare District will continue to share information with the public as it becomes available.

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