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Seneca welcomes new ultrasound technologist

It’s been a long search, but a new Ultrasound Technologist is now on staff at Seneca Healthcare District in Chester. Seneca welcomed Ultrasound Technologist Monica Pitlock.

Monica comes from Oroville Hospital where she works full-time. She is a Plumas County native who grew up in Greenville. She has a background in phlebotomy and has worked as a phlebotomist for many years. Monica recently went back to school for ultrasound at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Sacramento and graduated from the ultrasound program in January of 2021.  Monica is very excited to join the Seneca family and thanks everyone for having her here, “Plumas County really is a slice of heaven”.

Monica will be working at Seneca Healthcare District on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, occasionally her primary job at Oroville Hospital will necessitate a change to her days at Seneca. Seneca plans to share her schedule with providers each month, so they know what availability there is for scheduling.

This hiring means patients will have access to ultrasound services weekly, for elective cases and for emergency ultrasound procedures.

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