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Sept. 1 Dixie Update p.m.: Makes major run to the east

By Michael Condon

Former Fire and Aviation Chief for the Plumas National Forest

Special to Plumas News


Fire crews made a stand in the vicinity of Lake Davis today. They were partially successful but in the end 40 mph winds pushed the fire and it made a major run to the east.

The line from Grizzly Ridge should be successfully tied in to the northwest corner of the lake by this evening.  Firefighters have been dealing with a slop-over from last night that spread a little to the south today.  Fire crews picked up that spot and are feeling confident they have stopped the spread down the west side of Lake Davis.

The line construction from the northeast corner of the lake also experienced some difficulty with spot fires.  That fire has extended farther down the east side of the lake than had been intended, but firefighters are getting the upper hand on that piece of the fire.

The fire further to the east is a bigger problem.  Yesterday and into last night fire crews nearly stopped the spread of the fire on the eastern side.  Most of their line held through the night and into today.  There was one slop-over of about 1,000 acres.  Crews tried a direct attack on the slop-over and were making progress until the afternoon winds began.

Operations Section Chief Jeff Surber relayed from the field that 40 mph winds hit the fire and pushed it rapidly to the east.  A large flaming front developed and the fire quickly became too intense and moved too fast to continue a direct attack.  Crews were able to successfully protect the scattered structures as the fire moved through he north end of Red Clover Valley.

As of early this evening, the fire was still moving closer to Black Mountain and the escarpment above the Highway 395 corridor.

Evacuation orders have been issued for the communities of Milford and Herlong, and up to but not including, the Army Ammunition Depot. An evacuation warning has been issued for the north side of Doyle west of Highway 395.

The north end of the fire remains south of Highway 44.  It was another day of aggressive fire fighting from both the ground and the air.  Crews continue to be plagued by numerous spot fires.  One spot fire did cross the Silver Lake Road today, but there were no major advances of the fire.  Firefighters expect calmer winds the next couple of days which should help them to secure this portion of the fire.

No change in fire size was reported this evening.

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