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Sept. 1 mid-day update – some good news to report on the Dixie

By Michael Condon

Former Fire and Aviation Chief for the Plumas National Forest

Special to Plumas News


There is cause for optimism on the southern portion of the Dixie Fire north of the Portola/Beckwourth area.

The fire from Grizzly Ridge to Lake Davis is holding.  There was one spot fire of about 100 acres, butfire fighters are getting a line around that and expect it to hold.  This effectively cuts off further fire to Highway 70 west of the fire and down the western side of Lake Davis.

The line from the northeast corner of the lake is completed and holding.  If this line continues to hold there should be no fire spread down the east side of Lake Davis.

On the eastern edge of the fire forward progress has been stopped along Dixie Queen Creek.  There is one large slop-over north of four corners that is probably in excess of 1,000 acres.

Firefighters are attempting a direct attack on that slop-over with dozers.  There are also some nearby roads that crews can use as fire lines and good access points for fire engines.

It is an ongoing fire-fight and will likely continue throughout the day. Operations Section Chief Jeff Surber is expressing some optimism that they can catch this portion of the fire.  If the fire crews succeed, this would be a major victory on a very stubborn fire.

At the same time, crews are busy extending and improving contingency lines further east so they will be ready if they are not able to catch the slop-over.

Stopping the fire spread is just the first step in controlling the fire.  There will still be several days improving fire line and mopping up the fires edge before the risk is totally eliminated.

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