Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association features fall colors from around the state

Autumn leaves go whirling past whispering winter’s coming fast.

I hate to see the beautiful fall colors leave us so quickly. It’s been quite a season and I have photographic evidence to prove just how spectacular it was.

I do compare my images each year with the previous years because I shoot most of the images from the same locations each fall, and it is amazing to note the differences from year to year.

The dates don’t often coincide so I’m usually later to one spot or another, and timing each year is truly difficult because each year varies greatly during the month or so of color.


I hope you had an opportunity to check out and see all of the beautiful images from all over the state.

I was featured quite regularly this year and will more than likely be featured in the end of the season video that they produce annually, as well as multiple photographers from Plumas County.

It’s always an honor to be chosen for the “Peak of the Week” post on the website and I was chosen for this honor during this last season.

It’s the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association that makes this interaction possible for us by paying the fees that allow us to participate with the larger state organizations, and I appreciate the support from my friends in tourism from Anderson and our great California Welcome Center located there. What an amazing group of professionals that assists us daily in promoting Plumas County in tourism and recreation, statewide, and internationally.


Our quarterly board meeting is coming on Dec. 10 and all of you are invited to attend if you so desire. It will be at the California Welcome Center off the I-5 in Anderson at 10 a.m. and the Education Foundation meeting at 11 a.m.

Please feel free to contact me if you plan to attend or might need a ride share to and from the meeting at: [email protected].

We will discuss the financials, tourism events in the region, welcome center improvements, staff presentations dealing with upcoming proposals, and sharing what works and doesn’t work in our individual areas of the region.

It’s always exciting and fulfilling to associate with such motivated professionals in the tourism industry, and I come away with a new sense of urgency to keep promoting all the things that make Plumas County special.

We’ll discuss the Tourism Summit details and I think we’re going to have it hosted this next year in Butte County, a first for me in the 12 years that I’ve served on the board.


It was opened up for a bidding process this year and if the county wanted to host the event there is a fixed cost to host it, and Butte County stepped up to be the host county for 2020, and how great is that. It’s good to see some changes from time to time and to be able to have a new experience with the tourism summit in a new location. Redding has been such a great host for the past years and we thank them for all that they do to assist us in promoting what we now call Upstate California. I’ve always felt supported and appreciated in Anderson and Redding, and I cherish the relationships that I have with all of the representatives from all eight counties of the Upstate California Region. Truly great people involved in promoting tourism and recreation.

The SCWA is preparing the newest edition of our Upstate California Visitors Guide and along with that I encourage everyone to be involved and get a membership to the organization if possible.

Contact me at the previously mentioned email address or go to the website at: and follow the prompt for membership, it is a value to all of us to have your participation.


If you notice errors or have suggestions for the new guide please contact me and we’ll work to get those changes submitted.

There will be much more to come in the new year and the California Welcome Center will see many changes coming soon.

I’m excited for the new year and the opportunities that it will bring for me to serve Plumas County and promote Upstate California in all the ways I can, here’s to our success in tourism and recreation.