Sheriff asks public to be on the lookout

In the late hours of July 13th. The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office received calls reporting multiple fires along Hwy 70 and Hwy 89 between the areas of the Spanish Creek Bridge and Indian Falls. Deputies, CHP – Quincy, local fire crews, and federal fire crews responded. Two of the three fires have been extinguished. The third is reported as contained by the USFS and is approximately just over half an acre. Local resources are being released and the scenes have been turned over to the USFS.
The cause of these fires is currently unknown; however, if you have any information in regard to the incidents please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 530-283-6300

One thought on “Sheriff asks public to be on the lookout

  • I would suggest a flyer to be given out to the log truck drivers where the log trucks unload at SPI . The log truck drivers are often on the road by 2-3 am….and they are on the road til dusk and potentially see a lot. They could be a great resource for noting any suspicious activity.

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