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Sheriff Blotter for the week of 4/8/20

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from March 25 to March 31.


78 calls to dispatch including 911 calls

43 requests for medical assistance

32 requests for assistance

25 reports involving a fire department

22 civil reports

20 reports involving the CHP

19 disturbances reported

19 reports involving children/juveniles

16 reports involving REMSA

13 reports involving suspicious circumstances

10 reports to SIFC

9 reports involving intoxication

7 requests for a welfare check

6 reports to child and adult protective services

6 reports to the district attorney

6 reports involving weapons

6 reports to animal control

5 reports of domestic violence

5 traffic-related reports

5 reports involving trespassing

5 reports of harassment

4 alarms reported

4 reports of vandalism

4 reports of burglary

4 reports to fish and wildlife

4 sex related cases

4 arrests

3 deaths reported

3 assaults reported

3 extra patrol checks



A deputy reported the arrest of a woman who was charged with violating her probation and violating a restraining order. A caller reported that a woman was on the porch of a man’s residence.


A man was arrested and charged with being intoxicated.


A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with injuring a spouse or a cohabitant, child endangerment and possession of methamphetamine.

Spring Garden

A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with burglary and resisting arrest. A woman reported the stabbing of a male in his arm. It was then reported that a juvenile fled on foot wearing nothing but his underwear. He might have been armed. Greenhorn and Long Valley fire departments and Plumas District Hospital were paged. They were to stage at the Greenhorn Ranch Road and Highway 70, but that location was changed. Then a caller reported that his daughter’s boyfriend stabbed her husband after a confrontation. Then someone spoke to a juvenile who was at home when a man kicked in his door and went after him, stabbing him in the arm with a dagger.


Tuesday, March 31

Missing from truck

In Chester, a caller reported that someone stole a chainsaw from his truck last week.

Gas missing

In Chester, a caller reported that someone was siphoning gas out of her Jeep at night. Extra patrol checks were in place.

Monday, March 30

Waving at cars

In Chester, a caller reported that a woman was in the middle of the intersection waving at and stopping vehicles. The caller thought she appeared to be intoxicated. The information was transferred to the CHP. They were unable to locate her.

Trespassing on a road

In the Beckwourth area, a caller said that people were trespassing on her road. A deputy learned that the woman’s neighbors were using the main road and she was going to handle it through her attorneys. She said she was concerned that her dogs would attack someone.

Sunday, March 29

Got a surprise

In Portola, a caller reported an abandoned vehicle on his property and got bit by a dog. The dog was taken to the animal shelter.

Saturday, March 28

People having a party

In Quincy, a caller said that some people were partying and woke him up. They were running around and screaming. A CHP officer spoke to the reporting party and the house was quiet.

Staying in the parking lot

In Chester, it was reported that a man was sleeping in his car in a parking lot. It was thought he had been drinking and was screaming while getting dressed in the backseat. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Screaming about Coronavirus

In Greenville, a caller reported that his neighbor was in the road screaming something about the coronavirus. Then a caller hung-up, without providing any more information to dispatch. When dispatch found the caller’s address they transferred the information to the CHP requesting assistance. The reporting party said that he overhead the other man saying he was going to harm everyone. When a deputy contacted the caller, the reporting party said he also threatened him because he got close to his house. A deputy said it was a mutual problem between the men. The reporting party was trespassed from the other man’s home.


In Quincy, a woman reported that her husband bit her on the forearm. She was in the emergency room at the hospital.

Walking in traffic

In Chester, a caller reported that a man was walking in front of cars. It was thought he might be intoxicated. The CHP said that one of their officers contacted the man and told him to go home.

What animal was it?

In Quincy, a caller reported seeing a mountain lion in a tree on the corner of Reese and Highway 70. The information was transferred to fish and wildlife. An officer reported that it was a raccoon.

Friday, March 27

Just going for a walk

In Delleker, a caller reported that while out walking her dog an unknown man came out and started yelling at them. A sergeant reported it was verbal only. The parties were separated.

Missing key and other things

In the Lake Almanor area, a caller reported that someone burglarized his house that was under construction. There was no forced entry. They key that the people must have used to gain access was missing. Two 12-gauge shotguns were missing. They were old and didn’t have serial numbers. An antique, bolt-action .22, three TVs and other items were possibly missing.

Home alone

In Chester, child protective services reported that a child was left alone at home while the father was in the hospital in Reno. A social worker in Reno reported the situation to CPS. A deputy contacted the babysitter at the residence who was watching the child. The deputy notified CPS and the district attorney.

Too young for a Razor?

On Feather River Drive and the motorcycle pit near Chester, dispatch received a hang-up call. When dispatch called back they got voicemail. Then someone called and said that his son crashed his Razor and had a possible broken leg. The information was transferred to SIFC and the passed on to the CHP.

It’s all about a cat

In Chester, a caller reported that a man was standing on her porch and refusing to leave. The reporting party called back and said the man was screaming at her outside. A deputy said they were arguing about a cat. The man agreed to leave. Both people were separated and were trespassed from each other’s property.

Won’t cooperate with COVID-19 rules

In Quincy, a caller asked to speak to a deputy because the roommate wasn’t adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines. A deputy explained the proper procedures.

Running into traffic

In Quincy, a caller reported that a man was running in front of vehicles. It looked like he was trying to get hit. The information was transferred to a deputy and the CHP.

Thursday, March 26

Got stuck

In Blairsden, a businessperson reported that their driver was on some property and got his leg stuck in a posthole. While on the phone the victim called and got himself out.

Food stolen

In the Beckwourth area, a man reported that someone broke the lock on his trailer and stole food. The caller said he saw a footprint in the snow that went over a fence near two trailers. Doors were open that shouldn’t have been open. A deputy thought it was suspicious.

Wednesday, March 25

Medi-Cal scam

In Greenville, a caller reported receiving multiple scam calls. The caller requested money for a Medi-Cal premium and if she didn’t pay she would be kicked off it.

Assault from a truck

In the Spring Garden area, a caller reported that a woman was driving a truck when she jumped out and started to assault a male. The man was left walking toward Highway 70. A deputy reported that they were only arguing.

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