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Sheriff releases statement regarding CRC: Juvenile made the threat and has been identified


The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office is providing an update to the community on the threat made this morning to C. Roy Carmichael in Portola and the subsequent lockdown, and then early release of students once the sites were known to be secure. Following is the statement from the Sheriff’s Office;

After thorough investigation, investigators have successfully determined the source of the threats concerning the school’s personnel and students. We can confirm that a juvenile has been identified as the individual responsible for the transmission of the threatening message. The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office promptly responded to and investigated the report, identified the suspect and determined there is no further threat to public safety. We are actively collaborating with the School District to assist with the resolution of this matter.

We understand the impact of such events on the affected students, parents, and the entire community, and we remain committed to fostering a secure learning environment for all students and teachers. While this incident turned out to be a false alarm, it serves as a solemn reminder that the potential for emergency situations exists at any given time.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office kindly urges parents to engage in a conversation with their children regarding the events that transpired today at C. Roy Carmichael Middle School.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office is committed to protecting and serving the community by upholding public safety, maintaining law and order, and fostering a secure environment for all residents and visitors in Plumas County. We would like to extend our appreciation to our local law enforcement partners for their assistance with the response to include the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office, Sierra County Probation, Plumas County District Attorney’s Office, CA Fish and Wildlife, and the California Highway Patrol. We would also like to extend our appreciation to the staff at C. Roy Carmichael school and the staff at PUSD for the assistance and professionalism with this incident.

20 thoughts on “Sheriff releases statement regarding CRC: Juvenile made the threat and has been identified

  • Any arrests? Parents?

    • Possible punishment:
      The kid who caused the panic has to publicly apologize to all the other students at a school assembly.
      What this does is:
      1. the other kids get to see that it was only another kid, not a serious threat.
      2. the guilty kid has to face the humiliation of the disapproval of their entire peer group.

      Remember that middle school rebels are often very proud of being rebels and upsetting “authority”.
      Prosecution sometimes makes them feel important and powerful
      Disapproval by their peers is a much more effective deterrent.

      • Public shaming and hazing is not a cure it’s often a cause. Based on posting time I’m hoping you were drunk. There’s a lot of lessons to be learned here
        How much we depend on emergency services so be prepared to find better pay for better staff
        We need better crisis intervention and more access to mental health counselors.
        We need to secure firearms and stop this out of control proliferation of guns.
        There’s a start. Putting “this kid” out there for further humiliation and sadistic punishment will only contribute to more of these events.

        • Amen! I was appalled by that response

      • Only a kid?!? From Columbine to the present day, many kids have killed and wounded classmates and teachers, including a six year old.

      • I get what you’re saying, but my childhood experience tells me you’re making assumptions based on rural complacency.
        Kids kill kids all the time in the good ol’ “USA – USA”. It’s quite common. There are likely several reasons for this.
        – Kids are allowed access to loaded guns by adults. Many adults do not believe in responsible supervision or securing their weapons in the home or elsewhere.
        – Why do kids shoot other kids or family members by “accident”, instead of toys or monsters on tv? Maybe because they are taught guns are for killing people.
        – Our current culture wars created for political division has helped drive up threats and violence against fellow Americans. When lies and lawlessness, and threats and violence are cheered on by ~1/3 of our population, the exponential increase in such over the last decade makes sense.

      • I totally agree, talking responsibly for once in this selfish, “it’s all about me”culture.

  • The person who made this threat should be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law….

    • If killing anybody is a such a terrible crime why does the blood thirsty chorus come round from time to time.
      Just the tone that I’d expect from an MD. Maybe you should have done law.

    • Do we know or wasn’t a serious threat? Do we know it wasn’t a cry for help on this child’s part? I think it need to be clear as to why this child did this. If the kid has feelings of wanting to carry out such and act facing the “humiliation of the disapproval of their entire peer group” might just make them more determined to carry out the act, even if it was a prank. Humiliation is a dangerous tool in the midst of the mental health crisis going on with young people.

      I think a mental health evaluation is in order here. I’m not saying no punishment, but rather let’s look at what led to this.

  • Dear responsible gun owners,
    If your child tells you they have legitimate worries about assessible guns in a hoiuse, maybe you should listen to them instead of screaming at them like some self-entitled gun nut. You just might save their life.

    • *accessible

  • The school apparently activated what seemed like an “active” shooter protocol. There was an announcement over the PA and school personnel are told to lock themselves into whatever room they happen to be in at the time and stay there until told to come out. Staff were told nothing about the reason why. This of course led everyone to believe it was a shooter, not a threat of a shooter, and certainly not someone sending a text to a NV based hotline with a threat. The result was the protocol was followed for “active” shooter (have you ever heard of an “inactive” shooter?) and the place went into lockdown and LE had to come out and clear the place which took a few hours.

    Anyone can go onto campus. Yes there are a few fences but from a security standpoint they are meaningless. There are no guards. Nobody is allowed to be armed. It’s a beautiful but vulnerable place.

    Our children are our most vulnerable people. Yet we provide them with zero security while we seem quite willing to put armed guards in form of deputies, metal detectors, and a stone building up for bureaucrats who push a few papers in Quincy. (No disrespect to the nice folks that do all that work down there but they’re not kids.) So what if the courthouse burned down. That would be zero compared to losing your child to violence which was completely preventable with even minimum levels of security.

    Put yourself in this scenario. YOU are a teacher at the school. You are responsible for dozens of kids. They are depending on YOU to take care of them. YOU are in your classroom and a crazed “active” shooter is just outside and about to go into YOUR room and shoot you and your kids. Which would you rather have: 1) A CA PC law that says it’s a felony to possess a firearm at or within 1000′ of your school, 2) more gun control laws because “guns cause violence” or 3) a completely illegal scary looking “assault” (whatever that is) rifle with two full magazines each with 30 rounds?

    Sorry people, you are in CA. You have no right to self-defense anymore.

    So if WE have no right to self-defense, what’s to say this can’t happen again and for real next time?

    It’s 2023 people and it’s time to wake up. It’s been decades, arguably approaching a century now, that the population has been put on psych meds, ADHD meds, uppers, downers, illegal street drugs, and who knows what other poisons. Yes it could be a mental health problem but long before we end up solving that crisis by stopping all the social-medical poisons driving people insane, do we want our kids to get killed? Do you like the idea of waiting for rescue while someone is trying to kill you?

    • So more guns make us more safe. When? We have the most guns and most gun violence. How many more guns do we need? USA has more guns than people. To date we’ve had more mass shootings than calendar days. To date we are averaging a mass killing a week. More guns more safe? When?

      It’s not just California. Gun loving Texas shootings are on the rise. Don’t knock on the wrong door or drive down the wrong driveway. What were they protecting themselves from? Lost teens shouldn’t be shot or killed for a mistake many of us have made.

      With rights come responsibilities. We’re proving to be irresponsible.

    • We’re tired of this. We are tired and scared. If we had the Republican Party of post ww2 through Reagan this would have had solutions already made. This exists because the gun lobby has paid off politicians. That’s it. They are bribed to do nothing and do anything but find a solution. The overwhelming majority of people in this country want some form of common sense legislation and some well regulated laws. This is a failure of politicians who take money in exchange for inaction. We have become so accustomed to gun violence and desensitized to it. It’s every day we hear about it. Only when the chance that it could happen in our community does it become real.
      We are tired.

  • You people are delusional. Kid should be punished like back in the old days. Have you seen the garbage kids watch today? Or, are you the soccer mom with a phone glued to you not paying attention!. Mental health! We never had Mental health cause we were not exposed to stuff that would make us go Mental! Good ol crack of the belt still works!!

    • This is why we have all the guns. Because scared kids who got the leather grow up to be scared adults who need the gun.

  • So it was said “We’re tired of this. We are tired and scared” and that’s pretty much how it’s going to be. Just lay down and die because you’re hung up on some stupid statistics and media agitprop?

    Until we wake up to the reality and learn to deal with it competently instead of expecting someone else to do the dirty job of dealing with the ugly parts in life, we will continue as a society of decreasing capacity, increasing dependency, and ultimately slaves stuck in the middle with deviants and criminals and totalitarian rule.

    Stop listening to the propaganda from lamestream media and hype, man up, grow up, and get a grip. If all it takes is a text message to a mental health hotline to send an entire county into a tizzy, we are not even a shadow of what our parents and grandparents were made of.

    In PC there is only one SO car on duty midnights and we’re losing deputies and dispatchers daily. Nobody is coming to the rescue. People, we are on our own. Get used to it. Grow a spine. Adapt.

  • Oh BTW Mary Mulhall, perfect comment, don’t let these people fool with their big talk hiding behind a PC.
    If guns didn’t exist, then they would blame everything else except the real reason….themselves!!

  • At the end of the day this child needs help and punishment as she had a hit list how would you feel if your child name is on that list how dare anyone say this was harmless was your kid there was your kid terrified kids are killing kids every where today if we take this lightly then the next time we may not be so lucky come on get our head out our asses and protect our babies teach them right from wrong this is not okay and the amount of resources and time that us tax payers wasted on a non-threatening threat it was a threat and caused hundred to be traumatized and a long healing for some. Mental health and punishment should be given

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