Sheriff’s Blotter: April 19-25

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and compiled by Victoria Metcalf. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. RP refers to the reporting party.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from April 19 through April 25.




A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with obstructing a peace officer and tattooing or offering to tattoo another person.

Lake Almanor

A deputy reported the arrest of a woman who was charged with possession of methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia. A caller reported that a suspicious person was on their camera walking around their cabin. The caller said that it appeared that the suspect was walking around the perimeter of the house possibly attempting to break-in. The deputy reported that the RP also requested the individual be trespassed from the property.


A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating probation, possession of methamphetamines and having three local warrants.

A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with possession of methamphetamines, drug paraphernalia and had a warrant.

A deputy reported the arrest of a woman who was charged with probation violation and possession of methamphetamines with an intent to sell. A caller reported that his neighbors were involved in a disturbance in their home. A deputy said the woman foot-bailed out the backdoor when the deputy got there. The deputy was looking for the woman and located her. A man was also cited and charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance.


A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with obstructing a peace officer and violation of his probation, as well as a warrant. Following foot pursuit involving the suspect, a deputy was on the lookout for the individual. A woman called to state that the individual was in her yard tampering with her propane and damaged it. She reported it and then called the propane company who came and fixed it.


The CHP reported the arrest of a woman who was charged with her vehicle being involved in an accident resulting in property damage.

On a probation check, a man was arrested and charged with violating his probation.

Probation reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating his post release terms.

A court remand was reported for the arrest of a man who was charged with contempt of court.


On Highway 70 just west of the Twain Store, the CHP reported the arrest of a man who was charged with driving under the influence of drugs.



Sunday, April 25

Rockslide reported: Westbound on Highway 70 between Caribou and Rush Creek, a caller reported a rockslide. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Saturday, April 24

Theft reported: In Graeagle, a caller reported the theft of a collection of quarters from her home.

Fight reported: In Quincy, a caller reported that he could see and hear an argument outside a bar. The caller said about eight people were arguing and shoving each other. The CHP was called for backup. A deputy said it was verbal only. Everyone agreed to keep the peace.

Friday, April 23

Assault reported: In Quincy, a caller reported that his neighbor assaulted him with his hands although he was holding a shovel. The caller declined medical assistance. A deputy spoke to the RP who got mad and went back inside. The deputy spoke to witnesses and the suspect and they said there was no report of physical contact.

Dog leads man to stuck truck: On Bucks Lake Road just south of the Spanish Creek Bridge, it was reported that a brown and white medium-sized dog was running down the road. The information was transferred to animal control. The animal control officers said there was a truck stuck in the river and the dog led him right to it. The officer said that it looked like there was an unresponsive person in the vehicle, but the dog wouldn’t let him get to the vehicle. And there was no direct access to drive to the vehicle. Search and rescue, Meadow Valley and Quincy fire departments responded. The information was also transferred to the CHP. Everyone was canceled when a friend of the victim’s arrived to pull the truck out. There was no word on the dog.


Road rage reported: On Highway 70 west bound from Highway 395, a caller reported that the drivers of two vehicles were involved in a road rage incident. They were both trying to run the other off the roadway. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Big rock reported: On Highway 70 about a half- mile south of the Cresta Dam, a caller reported that a 15-foot by 10-foot boulder was in the roadway. The information was transferred to the CHP.


Wrong delivery place: In Portola, a caller reported he dropped a package off at what he thought was the post office but it was actually the city hall drop box. The PR was requesting assistance retrieving the packing because the building is closed for the weekend. A deputy said there was no access to city hall and that the RP would have to wait until Monday.

Citation reported: In Chester a deputy reported citing a woman who was charged with driving without a valid license and no evidence of financial responsibility.

Thursday, April 22

Fire reported: In Beckwourth, a caller reported a vegetation fire in a field involving a wooden fence and grass on fire. Other calls were also received. The Beckwourth Fire Department was notified. The scene was at the east end off Highway 70 near the Beckwourth Cabin. The USFS was also paging units.

Suspicious sleeping bag discovered: Near Quincy, a caller reported that he was riding his ATV about a 1,000 feet off Highway 70 above West Ranch Road when he found a sleeping bag. He thought there was a body inside. The RP offered to show a deputy where it was located. A deputy said it was garbage left in the forest and would notify the USFS.


Suspicious activities: On Highway 70 at Gansner Airport, a caller said that while on his way to Quincy a vehicle was tailgating him. The deputy pulled over the vehicle at the Greenville Wye. The caller said the vehicle caught up to him at the airport. The individual then jumped out of his vehicle and was yelling and verbally threatening him. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Citation reported: A deputy reported citing a woman who was charged with driving without a valid license and speeding.

Child in a tree: In Portola, a deputy took a walk-in complaint of a child stuck in a tree at the park. It was reported that the children got down from the pine tree and were counseled.

Possible arson reported: In Hamilton Branch, a caller reported a possible structure fire. The caller couldn’t tell if it was a structure or an outbuilding. SIFC was notified. The CHP said they were told it was possibly an arson fire with someone seen running down Highway 147.


Suspicious camper reported: Near Quincy, a caller said his wife was walking their dogs and found someone camping on the property with a fire going. The caller said the man started becoming aggressive with his wife. He was about 300 feet behind the house. A deputy said the subject left and the deputy checked the property and didn’t find the individual. The caller reported that the man returned and her husband was out talking to him when the suspected threatened him. A deputy was unable to find the suspect, but was continuing to look.

Gunshots heard: In Quincy, a caller reported that multiple gunshots or pops were heard, maybe as many as 10 to 15. That person was near Andy Way. A second caller also heard them in the area of Peppard Flat Road and thought they were near the elementary school. Another caller said that that gunshots were heard next door, while yet another person reported six or seven shots in the Chevron area. Yet someone else said they were in the Linden Avenue area. One man said he was able to see multiple fireworks. A deputy was unable to locate anything.



Wednesday, April 21

Toddler falls: In Clio, a caller requested medical help for a toddler who fell off a bed. The fall was about three feet. Eastern Plumas Health Care and the fire department were notified. The RP reported the child was vomiting and in and out of consciousness. No child neglect or abuse suspected.

Deer stuck: In Blairsden, a caller reported that a deer was stuck in a fence at the Mohawk Cemetery. Fish and game was to handle the situation.

Fire reported: Near Quincy, north of the airport on the ridge, someone reported a fire. The information was transferred to the USFS. Quincy Fire Department also responded. Multiple 911s were received. The USFS dispatch advised that other fire departments could cancel on attending the Airport Incident.

Man throwing rocks: In Chester, a caller reported that a man was throwing rocks at some equipment. The suspect was riding a bike that he crashed in the ditch. A deputy was unable to locate any sign of the Volant and was checking around

Tuesday, April 20


Suspicious clothing left: In Quincy, a caller reported that his neighbor left a piece of clothing with something tied inside on the RP’s property. The RP provided the deputy with an empty piece of cloth that was left in his yard. The neighbor was trespassed from the RP’s property.

Scam reported: In Crescent Mills, a deputy was enroute to a resident for the report of a scam.

Infringing neighbors: In Greenville, a caller reported that her neighbors are placing belongs in such a way that they are infringing on the easement to her property. A deputy provided the RP with the proper civil procedures.

Juvenile tased: In Portola, a caller asked to speak to a deputy about two juveniles jumping his son and tasing him. The deputy contacted juveniles at the skate park who said one of the juveniles did have a Taser he was carrying around with him. The deputy was on the lookout for him.

Knock, knock: In Portola on Sylvan Road, a caller reported that a bear was possibly at her door. She requested extra patrol checks. The CHP was contacted to see if they had an officer in the area. The CHP didn’t find a bear at a door and the RP was fine.


 Monday, April 19

Tree faller injured: Five miles up La Porte Road above Thompson Creek a caller requested medical help for a timber faller hit with a limb. The man was conscious but the injuries were unknown. The information was transferred to REMSA, then Quincy Fire Department and Plumas District Hospital. A deputy reported the victim was hit on the back of the head with minor lacerations and a possible broken arm. The deputy requested a helicopter.

Unusual dumping: In Greenville, a caller reported that a street sign and post were in Indian Creek along with two suspicious buckets with lids. A deputy said the buckets were full of transmission fluid. The County road department was to manage the sign and post.

Pink paint splattered: In Quincy at Highway 70 and Quincy Junction Road, a caller reported there was pink paint all over the road and now it was all over her car. She said there was a sedan with the door open at the incident site but she didn’t know if the driver was responsible or not. Variations of the possible license plate number were run but there was no return to a local vehicle. The deputy located a can of spray paint that exploded when someone ran over it. There was no crime.


Harassment reported: In Quincy, a caller reported receiving threatening texts to himself and his family. The caller said it was occurring for two weeks with no previous contact with the number.

Burglary reported: At Antelope Lake, a caller reported a cold burglary from last November. The locks were cut to brown cargo vans. Three motorcycles, tools and a boat motor were missing. The cameras showed a man on the property.

Reckless sightseer: Near Portola, a deputy received a report of a reckless driver. The deputy contacted someone who said he was sightseeing and was all over the road. The deputy counseled him.


No fishing: In Portola, a caller reported a trespasser was fishing on his property.

Suspicious activity reported: In the Lake Almanor area, a caller reported seeing suspicious activity on his residential camera. The video showed a woman walking around his backyard moving things. A later feed showed that a deputy was on scene investigating.

Verbal disturbance reported: In Crescent Mills, a caller reported arguing with her son who refused to get in the vehicle. The mother returned to work and the grandfather was with the juvenile.

Heavy damage reported: In Portola, a caller reported that someone threw a concrete block through the window of her vacant rental.

Bow hunting: In Chester near the library, a caller reported a juvenile was hunting ducks with a bow on the river. He was in waders in the river. A deputy contacted the juvenile who was bow fishing. No crime was reported.

Medical or legal troubles? In Quincy, a caller requested an ambulance for trouble breathing. The RP was hard to understand and was having trouble breathing. The individual said he just passed the sheriff’s office traveling west. A deputy was out with the victim. A second caller requested an ambulance for a man lying on the ground and was “burning up.” The deputy provided the victim a ride to the courthouse for a court date.


Theft reported: In Greenville, a caller reported her grandson’s Playstation was missing and possibly stolen by other juveniles. A deputy contacted the RP who provided information. The deputy contacted everyone involved and got the names of two people who might be involved. The property was recovered. The RP didn’t want to press charges. The deputy counseled the other juvenile. Child protective services was notified.

Suspicious item on bike path: In Quincy, a caller requested contact from a deputy about a suspicious backpack left on the bike path near her house. A man left the backpack there. A deputy said it was suspicious only and the property was disposed of properly.

Vandalism in the jail: A corrections officer reported that a man broke the kiosk.


Barn fire reported: Near Portola, a caller reported a barn fire. The involved structure involved the goat pen and several goats died. Eastern Plumas Fire Department was paged with mutual aid from Beckwourth. A deputy said the barn was small and the fire was mainly controlled and not spreading.

Possible shot fired: In Greenville, a deputy received a report of a possible shot fired near a business. Another report also came in. One caller said it was a gunshot or fireworks. The RP saw a black sports car that was involved that went behind another business. The deputy said that vehicle was seen going down another street at about 50 mph after two or three shots were heard. A deputy was on the lookout. A sergeant attempted to contact a man whose vehicle matched the description but no one was home.