Sheriff’s Blotter: April 26-May 2

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and compiled by Victoria Metcalf. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from April 26 through May 2.

In this report, the terms RP (reporting party), BOLO (be on the lookout) and occasionally HBD (had been drinking) are used.




The CHP reported the arrest of a man who was charged with driving under the influence and having a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher.


A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating probation and resisting arrest.

A deputy reported the arrest of two people. A man was charged with violating his probation and driving with a suspended or revoked drivers license. The woman was arrested and charged with violating her probation and resisting arrest.

 Meadow Valley

A probation officer reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating his post release community supervision.


A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with being intoxicated. He was arrested under the Gulling Street Bridge.

Probation reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating his community release program.


A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was intoxicated. The individual was reported arguing with another man in a parking lot.


The CHP reported the arrest of a man who was reported as driving under the influence.

A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with being intoxicated. A caller reported that her husband had been drinking and causing a disturbance. She locked him out of the motel room but he was trying to break in. Children were present.

A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with battery on a peace officer. A caller reported that a man went into the hospital with a stab wound in his neck. He was holding the knife. He then went outside and dropped the knife. He then returned to the emergency room without the knife.

A corrections officer in the jail reported a book and release on a court remand for a man who was charged with preventing someone from testifying and no proof of registration.

A deputy reported the arrest of a woman who was charged with harassment.



Sunday, May 2

Man on the bridge: In Greenville, it was reported that a man was found lying on the Wolf Creek Bridge. The information was transferred to REMSA. Indian Valley and Crescent Mills fire departments and Plumas District Hospital were notified.

Disturbance reported: In Quincy, a caller reported that a man was at a bus stop and was yelling and screaming. The information was transferred to the CHP. The individual was transported to a motel in Portola.

Citation reported: In Portola a deputy reported citing a man who was charged with probation violation, possession of drug paraphernalia and contempt of court.

Juveniles released to parents: In Chester, it was reported that three juveniles broke into a motorhome. The RP knows most of the kids around but not those three. The RP followed them to a business. A deputy contacted the RP who said nothing was stolen but was requesting a welfare check on the juveniles. The deputy contacted them and they admitted going into the RV. The juveniles were released to their parents.


Assault reported: At the jail in Quincy, a corrections officer requested a deputy assist with a fight between two inmates.

Saturday, May 1

In the wrong bathroom: In Chester, a caller asked to speak to a deputy. She found a transient in the women’s bathroom of an RV Park. She said she was able to get the key back from the suspect and no longer needed assistance from a deputy.

Boat making waves: In the Lake Almanor area, caller said the neighbors have a boat that is parked in the street and is blocking part of a lane of traffic. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Concern about vehicle and beverage: In Portola, a person reported that a white Nissan was parked going the wrong way across from his house. There was a bottle of Bacardi in the middle of the two front seats. The caller said it was in the same location most of the night. The RP thought the vehicle might be stolen. The vehicle came back to someone in Loyalton.


Casing the neighborhood: In Quincy, a caller reported there was a suspicious man who was casing the neighborhood that morning. The RP didn’t want a deputy to check the area but wanted the information on file. The individual was described as an adult male with a buzz haircut.

Information sought: In Blairsden, a caller asked to speak to a deputy regarding a suspicious person at the AT&T building the previous night. The individual requested a patrol check in that area at night.

Dog gone it: In Meadow Valley, a caller requested an ambulance for someone with a shoulder injury. The victim fell into a vehicle when a dog pulled her there. The RP didn’t know the victim, who asked her to drive until she could call for help. The victim was in the roadway. The information was transferred to REMSA. Meadow Valley Fire Department and Plumas District Hospital responded. A second call came in about the victim.


Loss of blood: At Bucks Lake, third hand information was requesting an ambulance for an unconscious person. The victim cut a finger and lost a lot of blood. Bucks Lake and Meadow Valley fire departments were notified. Plumas District Hospital and Careflight responded. The helicopter was eventually cancelled.

Injured hiker reported: At Gold Lake near Bucks Lake, it was reported that a lone hiker injured his ankle and couldn’t walk out. The victim’s car was at Bucks Lake Summit and he hiked the Pacific Crest Trail head to Gold Lake. Search and rescue was paged. The CHP helicopter was requested to hoist out the individual. Several hours later the helicopter was in the area and the victim was with search and rescue. It was reported that the victim left his wallet and car keys at the location. Red Cross was making arrangements for the victim at a Quincy motel where he would be relocated.


Floating dock reported: On Lake Almanor, a caller reported that a dock was floating on the lake about 30 feet from shore.

Weapon stolen: In Chester, a caller said that his Springfield 40 handgun was stolen. He works out of the area and when he returned home the weapon was missing.

Too much noise: In Quincy, a caller reported the noise from the races at the fairground and wanted to know laws concerning noise at night.

Friday, April 30

Illegal dumping noted: At the green waste dump and the old dump road near Chester, a caller reported illegal dumping. Green waste and a slab of cement were dumped from a trailer.  It turned out it was a county employee who had permission to dump there.

Mountain Lion spotted: In the Greenhorn Ranch area, a caller reported a mountain in the area. The RP was concerned about the children who walk to the bus. The caller was trying to get a hold of Fish and Wildlife for three days.


Fire reported: In the Snake Lake area near Meadow Valley, a caller reported a smoldering fire on a dirt road on the other side of the lake. The information was transferred to the USFS.

Throwing rocks: In Portola, a caller reported that an individual was throwing rock and was possibly under the influence of drugs. A deputy contacted a person who didn’t admit to throwing rocks. The individual was counseled.

Vandalism reported: A caller reported that vandalism to an evidence van occurred. Windows were broken. A deputy reported that the van was in a wreck and not vandalized.

Tire troubles: In Portola, a caller reported that a tire fell out of the back of a pickup when it went up a hill. It damaged her parked vehicle. It was reported that the damage was to a car seat that was outside the vehicle.

Thursday, April 29

Being un-neighborly: In Quincy, a caller reported an ongoing problem with his neighbor. The man was slamming and breaking things and they were coming over the fence onto his property. The caller asked to speak to a deputy. The RP called back about 30 minutes later and said the man was in front of his house screaming at him. Then the other man reported that he was assaulted by the original RP. Both men agreed to stay away from each other.


Assaulted on a bike: In Quincy a caller said he was riding his bike when his neighbor stuck a broom handle into the spokes causing him to crash.

Juvenile had a gun: On the Lake Almanor Peninsula, a caller reported that juvenile pulled a gun on him when he told the juvenile to stop throwing rocks at the deer on his property. The information was given to the CHP because there wasn’t a deputy in the area. Although no arrest or citations were reported, the deputy said that the child was seen for failure to obey authorities, drawing or displaying an imitation weapon in a threatening manner, and resisting.

Dogs knock down bike rider: In Quincy, a caller reported that someone was knocked over by two pitbulls while she was riding her bike. It was thought she broke her femur. The information was transferred to REMSA, Quincy Fire Department and Plumas District Hospital. A sergeant contacted the owners of the dogs who said they got off leash but were on their property.


Fire reported: In Beckwourth, a caller reported a possible out-of-control burn pile. Beckwourth Fire Department was paged and someone reported that it appeared to be burning into the surrounding vegetation. Then the fire department contacted the subjects who confirmed it was a controlled burn with a tractor and fire lines around it. The department personnel then requested a deputy for a large illegal burn. The items that were being burned seemed suspicious and so did the circumstances. The fire was emitting purple and pink flames and then a woman was heard confronting the individual from the fire department about why they were there. The caller said the man at the address was acting suspicious and had his hands in his pocket. A sergeant reported that a deputy was unavailable and to forward the information to county code enforcement. The fire department responder was going to try to contact the homeowner who didn’t know the two people that were present. It was reported that the fire department person thought the size of the fire should be reduced but he didn’t want the crew breathing in the residue from what was being burned.


Wednesday, April 28

Structure fire reported: A shed near a garage was reported on fire. Multiple calls came in. Animal control reported her rescued two dogs and a cat. Meadow Valley Fire Department was also paged.

Tuesday, April 27 

Rude reporting party: In Portola, a caller reported that someone threw a rock through a window. The RP was extremely rude on the phone and was reluctant to provide information.

 Monday, April 26

Vandalism reported: In Portola, a deputy received a reported of vandalism and possible squatters.

Vandalism occurred: In Portola, a caller reported that the window to his vacant home was broken. Squatters might have done it.