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Sheriff’s Blotter: April 5-11

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and compiled by Victoria Metcalf. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from April 5 through April 11.



A deputy reported the arrest of a woman who was charged with probation violation, three local warrants and possession of methamphetamines.       


A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating his probation. He was originally reported when he was involved in an argument over stolen property.

On Highway 70 just west of Spanish Creek Bridge, the CHP reported the arrest of a man who was charged with driving under the influence.


Sunday, April 11

Illegal trash burning: In Chester, a caller from the Chester Fire Department requested assistance with someone who was burning trash illegally. The incident occurred a block from the fire station. CalFire had no prevention duty on. A sergeant said he was unable to locate anyone. The information was to be forward to air quality control.

Stuck in the snow: In the area of Four Trees on Bucks Lake Road, the CHP received a 911 call from Butte County about a lone woman stuck in a GMC pickup in the snow. Tow trucks wouldn’t respond. Butte County was contacted but they said they didn’t take any information and only had the location. It was reported that the vehicle was high centered in ruts with three to four feet of snow. No cell service was in the area. Others had attempted to get the vehicle out with no luck. The victim was told that local search and rescue was on its way but there would be a delay since it had to go around the mountain.

 Saturday, April 10

No place to sleep: In Portola, a caller reported that a man was sleeping in the city/county yard and needed to be trespassed. The caller asked for contact from a deputy. The reporting party called again and said that the suspect was down the street flipping the caller off and acting belligerent. The caller was told to stay away from the individual and not to confront him. A deputy said the suspect was gone when he arrived. A deputy did contact the caller who said he would contact the city to fix the gate.

Citation issued: In Chester, a deputy reported issuing a man a citation for leaving a vehicle parked on a roadway.

Citation reported: In Chester, a deputy reported cited a man because his vehicle had no plates.

Man wouldn’t leave: Between Pulga Road and Camp Creek Road in the Feather River Canyon, someone from Union Pacific Railroad reported an intoxicated man refusing to leave the area of the tracks in a van.

Vandalism reported: In Quincy, a caller reported that he noticed a window was broken at his shop.

Friday, April 9

Stuck in a fence: In the Clio area, a caller reported that a deer was stuck in a fence. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Home sweet home: In Quincy, a caller reported that a man was living in a parking lot in an SUV. A deputy was unable to locate the suspect and contacted court security about the situation in a county parking lot.

Citation issued: On Highway 89 near Greenville, a deputy cited a man who was charged with leaving a vehicle or similar issue and no proof of financial responsibility.

Thursday, April 8

Gunshots heard: In Quincy, a caller reported hearing possible gunshots in the Pioneer Park. A second caller said her car was just shot at. A third party called to say her neighbor’s car was just shot at. A fourth caller reported hearing 5 to 6 gunshots. Another person reported hearing shots about 10 minutes earlier. The CHP provided a vehicle description. A unit was unable to locate the vehicle from Portola to Quincy. A sergeant in dispatch reported the CHP might have located the suspect’s vehicle just west of Quincy. The tow company was notified. The suspect called about two hours later and asked how to get his car back and if his son was okay. A sergeant reported that the suspect was wanted on numerous charges. Another caller said her neighbor was checking her cameras to see if it was on them. The suspected called in and requested to speak to a deputy or a detective about his vehicle being towed.

When are quiet times? In Quincy, a caller asked about when quiet times are for downtown Quincy. Someone was leaf blowing the sidewalk and the caller wanted to talk to a deputy. The deputy spoke to the caller and referred the individual to the planning department.

Citations reported: In Portola, animal control issued a citation to two women for animal control violations.

Shell littering reported: Near Quincy, a caller requested contact with a deputy. The caller said that his neighbor was shooting and the shells were coming into his yard.

BB hits windshield: Near Quincy on Chandler Road, a caller reported that a BB hit his windshield and possibly came from a passing car going in the opposition direction. The caller described the other vehicle.

Necklace missing: In Greenville a caller reported the theft of a gold and garnet necklace and bracelet valued at between $5,000 and $10,000.

Suspicious situations: In the Mohawk area, a caller said that someone was tampering with her vehicle and tried to poison her dog with hash. She asked to speak to a deputy. Extra patrol checks were ordered.

Wednesday, April 7

Fight reported: In Taylorsville, a caller reported a possible altercation among up to six men. The caller couldn’t tell if the men were fighting or just arguing, but they were on her property. A deputy reported it was a civil issue with the parties involved. One man had court permission to be on the property to get his possessions.

Suspicious break-ins: In Quincy, a caller reported that someone was breaking into the lower campground bathrooms at the fairgrounds. The caller said they found a food container and other things in the bathroom. The window was also open. A deputy reported there was no evidence of damage, but it did appear a homeless person was coming in at night. Extra patrol checks were requested.

Vandalism reported: In the Taylorsville area, a caller reported vandalism at a property where a disturbance was reported earlier.

Woman found on the road: On Arlington Road across from the campground in the Taylorsville area, a caller reported that a woman was found lying in the roadway. The caller said she was now conscious and had a bump on her head. The information was transferred to REMSA. Indian Valley and Crescent Mills fire departments and Plumas District Hospital were paged.

Fire reported: On Blackhawk Road near Quincy, a caller reported a possible forest fire at the end of Blackhawk Road on USFS land. The caller said the USFS was doing a controlled burn and then it looked like it got out of control. The information was transferred to the USFS.

Five-year-old reported: In Greenville, a caller reported that a five-year-old was walking down the sidewalk toward the grocery story. The child was unattended. A deputy was unable to locate any small children but did contact several juveniles at the park. One of them did match the description of the child being sought. The juveniles said they were fine and that their parents knew where they were.

Fire reported: On the Beckwourth Genesee Road, a caller reported burning pine needles on her property and it got out of control. Beckwourth Fire Department and the USFS responded. They were released from the seen several hours later.

Trespass warning issued: In Portola, a caller reported a man was yelling at employees in a store and refused to leave. A deputy spoke to the man who was issued a trespassing warning. The suspect said he didn’t care.

Tuesday, April 6

Chow time: In Portola, a caller reported seeing a Dumpster in the middle of Highway 70 and a bear was eating out of it. It was blocking the westbound lane. The information was transferred to the CHP. A deputy was on another case.

Traffic blocked: In Quincy, a caller reported there were multiple trucks parked on a residential street and they were blocking the flow of traffic. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Mail found: In Chester, a caller reported finding boxes of opened mail under a bridge. A deputy said the addresses were from Lassen County. They were sending a unit.

Theft reported: In Quincy, a caller reported a known woman stole things from a store. The caller said the suspect purchased something with a credit card but then possibly stole other items from the store. The items were valued at $30 to $40. The suspect then left on a bicycle that was described. A deputy attempted to contact the woman at her house. Someone at that house said she might be at the library. A deputy was looking through the area for the suspect.

Trash flying: In the Quincy area on Bucks Lake Road, a caller reported that trash was coming out of trashcans in the bed of his truck. The driver did get out to fix the cans, but left trash all over the roadway. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Rocks in the roadway: On Highway 89 three miles south of Canyon Dam a caller reported a rockslide. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Monday, April 5

Someone’s out there: In Portola, a caller reported that someone was outside and moving the doorknob. Whatever it was set the dog to barking. The caller is a young teen with an older child at home. The information was transferred to a deputy in dispatch. The deputy attempted to contact the children’s father but the call wouldn’t go through. Later the deputy was able to discover that the potential intruder was a bear and it left. The father was on his way home.

Controlled burns taking place: In the Chester area, a caller reported that controlled burns at the North Shore Campground would be ongoing for the next few weeks.

Pig issues: In the Twain area, a caller reported that domesticated pigs were defecating in the Feather River. The caller didn’t know the exact address of the responsible party. The caller said she would contact Fish and Wildlife about the pigs.

Camping in the woods noticed: In the Janesville Grade on a USFS road, a caller reported there was a tent in the woods. The caller said it appeared that someone was inside the tent and a shoe was left outside. The caller also disclosed there appeared to be a rolled up sleeping bag inside the tent or that it was a person. The caller said he didn’t look inside. It was reported that search and rescue was responding to a possible body off the USFS road. It turned out that there was no body or person in the tent. An official did find a luggage tag with contact information and personal belongings. Addresses for the individual were discovered. A woman contacted dispatch and said she is fine. She explained that she was camped at the site last summer and was unable to find her way back to her tent. If the woman calls again, dispatch can provide her with the GPS coordinates to her former camp.

Boat and truck stuck in snow: On Juniper Lake Road, a reporting party said that a truck with a boat was stuck in the snow. It had been there since April 4. The caller said there was two feet of snow in that area. A man was then taken to a motel by the CHP.

Fraud reported: In Chilcoot, someone received an email that a reporting party is a firearms dealer in Kansas and had purchased a firearm for $500 through Paypay. The dealer never received it. The RP had an address in Chilcoot.

Credit card fraud reported: In Graeagle, a caller reported the loss of $390 for credit car fraud. The caller said that her credit card company was requiring a police report before refunding the lost monies. Someone had attempted to buy a dog in North Dakota.

Traps set: Near Quincy, a deputy reported that traps were set at a red-tagged residence. What creature the traps are for was not listed.

Vehicle reported stolen: In Delleker, a Reno detective requested that a local deputy assist with a stolen vehicle investigation. They were looking for a red 1996 Ford F350. A suspect was listed.

Disturbance over break-in attempt: In Greenville, a caller reported that three people were causing issues over an attempt to break into his residence. The caller said two people left in a station wagon. One woman was still there at the residence. A CHP unit was enroute from the Keddie area. A deputy said that everyone was arguing and agreed to keep the peace.

Fraud, possible theft reported: In Portola, a caller reported that a known person was using his mother’s debit card without permission. The suspect was to care for his mother. The mother said she was going to look at her bank statements closer and then request assistance if needed.

Citation issued: In Quincy, animal control reported citing a man for various animal violations.

Safe is too safe: In Quincy, a caller said that the safe with her medication inside wouldn’t open. She said it was the correct code but it still wouldn’t open. A deputy reported that the Quincy Fire Department was enroute to assist.

Be on the lookout: On Highway 36 on the Westwood Landfill Road near Chester, a caller reported that a man left in a vehicle after leaving someone in the middle of the woods. The suspect was wanted on an extradition warrant out of Oregon and was considered armed and dangerous, was an escape risk and was potentially involved in a sexual assault. The victim was named. A BOLO was broadcast to the Chester and Greenville units along with a description of the Silver Honda the suspect was driving. The victim provided a partial license plate number but the plates had been switched with those of a Subaru out of Oregon. No further information was provided.

Dog bite reported: In Quincy, someone from the hospital reported that the victim of a dog bite was in the ER. She suffered a laceration to the ankle. The dog owner was unknown. The ER was to fax a reported to animal control.

Suspicious situation reported: In the Lake Almanor area, a caller reported that someone was trying to break-in. Someone could hear multiple people outside. The CHP didn’t have units in the area. A deputy reported being out with the caller who was fine but said there are multiple people under green tarps trying to break-in to the house. The deputy was going to search the residence. The deputy cleared the residence and found no signs of forced entry and no one was outside. The caller brother arrived and he was going to keep his sister for the night.


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