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Sheriff’s Blotter July 12: Fighter jets, violations, and accidents

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. No individual’s names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of activity for July 12

The unexpected explanation

11:23 a.m. Chester. A caller reports what sounds like an explosion every couple of days. The caller said it happened last night at 8:23 p.m. 1:03 p.m. A deputy contacted the caller to advise them that fighter jets have been doing maneuvers and the mill has been making lots of noise.

Local makes a name in music biz

12:36 p.m. Portola. A caller reports she got scammed by someone who lives in our city. She was looking for concert tickets through a Facebook group. The suspect’s name and number were provided. The caller stated she bought tickets from the suspect on the Facebook group through Venmo worth $100; it happened June 29. The caller lives in North Carolina. 7:55 p.m. A deputy contacted the caller who wishes the information to be on file. She was made whole by her bank. 8:37 p.m. The caller requested a call back, she has more information to provide. 9:38 p.m. A criminal report was filed.

Heavy load

2:27 p.m. Chester. A caller reports a two-vehicle accident involving a logging truck and an SUV. It appears to be a non-injury accident. The call was transferred to CHP.

More than a little off

3:24 p.m. Portola. Deputies were conducting a probation check and detained one person. A deputy confirmed the terms with the courts and a male subject was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of methamphetamine, and probation violation.

Two-wheel collision

4:37 p.m. Portola. A caller reports a 2-person bicycle accident at First Ave. and Gulling. EPHC and Beckwourth Fire were paged. 5:11 p.m. The patient will be transported to EPHC in private vehicle.

Catching some air

5:17 p.m. Beckwourth. A caller reports a mattress in the middle of the lane on Hwy 70 heading westbound before Maddalena.

Check, check

6:50 p.m. Quincy. A deputy requests a case number for a probation check. 7:23 p.m. The deputy advised a positive violation on both subjects. The subjects were counseled, nothing further.

Unfortunate situation

11:10 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports her dog bit her baby. The caller is transporting the baby to the emergency room and requests the dog be picked up from her house and transported to Animal Control. The dog is an Akita Lab mix and is currently tied up outside of the residence. 11:37 p.m. The dog was transported to Animal Control.

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  • Fighter jets, red helicopters, oh my. We seem to have a plague on our hands. Call the FAA!

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