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Sheriff’s Blotter: July 27 through Aug. 1

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and compiled by Victoria Metcalf. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from July 27 through Aug. 1.

 In this report, the terms RP (reporting party), BOLO (be on the lookout) and occasionally HBD (had been drinking) are used.



   The CHP reported the arrest of a man who was charged with driving under the influence.


Border Town

   In assisting another agency, Sierra County requested assistance with the arrest of a man who was charged with possession of methamphetamine for sale and the transportation of methamphetamine for sale.


   A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with public intoxication. A caller reported that a man who was HBD was flipping carts over and yelling in the parking lot of a business. Then the man fled toward the bank on foot. The owner of the business where the disturbance originated said he caught the man trying to start a fire in back of the business before the deputy arrived. When the deputy contacted the business owner about the incident it turned out to be secondhand information that the suspect was attempting to light the dumpster on fire. The deputy agreed to meet with the employee the following day.


 USFS law enforcement and a Placer County officer reported the arrest  of a man who was charged with carrying a loaded weapon in a vehicle, carrying a concealed and loaded weapon in a vehicle and resisting arrest or obstructing a peace officer. At Frenchman Lake Dam, backup was requested when a subject was detained. On a traffic stop of a Ford Ranger it was discovered multiple weapons were inside. The USFS reported that law enforcement requested back up from the Hot Shots. The RP called back and said the man was detained in the vehicle.


   The CHP reported the arrest of a man who was charged with driving under the influence, having a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher, and while driving a commercial vehicle.


   A deputy reported the arrest of an individual who was charged with burglary.


Sunday, Aug. 1

Fight reported

   In Quincy, a caller reported a fight between two people in front of a bar. The caller said the fight was between two women. The RP didn’t get a description of the clothing they were wearing. No weapons were involved. One of the suspects left in a Jeep. A sergeant reported that they were just arguing and that a physical fight didn’t occur. The parties were separated and agreed to keep the peace.

Spot fires reported

   On Rush Creek Road in the Feather River Canyon, a caller said she could see spot fires in the area and wanted the USFS to know. The information was transferred to the USFS.

Harassment reported

   In Quincy, a caller reported that he fired an employee, and that individual is now harassing him and causing disturbances. A deputy contacted the suspect who said he only had peaceful contact with the RP. He said that any further contact he would request a civil standby with a deputy present.

Nobody’s home

   In Greenville, a caller said that two men were staying in his apartment without permission. The RP said he was in Reno and not at home.

Possible burglary reported

   In Chester, a caller reported that a possible burglary was in progress at a mini storage. The RP didn’t think the man he named had a unit there. A deputy said it was a civil matter and the suspect was there collecting his own property from a shared unit.

Possible intoxicated driver reported

   At Frenchman Lake at the Cottonwood Campground, someone from the USFS said that the Beckwourth Fire Incident Command reported a possible intoxicated driver. The information was transferred to the CHP. The caller from the USFS called again and said the IC reported that the man was out of the vehicle and standing in the way of dozers used for the fire. It was unknown if he had any weapons on him. A woman was with the man, but she drove away going over Doyle Grade. The RP was going to call back with more details about the suspect. The CHP reported they contacted the suspect and gave him a ride to Hallelujah Junction where his wife was going to get him.

Suspicious tent at park

   At the Portola Park, a caller reported there was a male in a tent in the concert area. The caller thought the individual was HBD and urinating outside in front of children. The RP said the individual was there the past two nights and was yelling and causing a disturbance. The RP had a description of a man thought to be in his 60s. A deputy reported the man was counseled but said he didn’t expose himself to anyone. He agreed to stay in his tent for the remainder of the day and to stop drinking.

New smoke reported

   In Quincy on the ridge behind Feather River College, a caller reported seeing a new sign of smoke. The information was transferred to the USFS.

Catching more than dogs

   In Quincy at Pioneer Elementary School, an animal control officer reported that five juveniles were pulling up stoppers in front of the school and throwing them on the school’s roof. The officer said he followed them to a residence. A detective was investigating the situation.

Fire within the fire reported

   Within the Beckwourth Fire Complex in Chilcoot, a caller reported seeing a fire above the old plant in the complex. The RP was calling from Highway 395 just south of Red Rock Road. The RP could see it on a ridge. The information was transferred to the USFS.

Burglary reported

   In Chester, a caller identifying herself as the owner of storage units reported that a known man cut the locks off a unit that day. The RP said the individual wasn’t supposed to have access to the unit. A deputy contacted everyone and the person with the storage unit had given the man permission to put some things in her storage unit. The deputy provided the proper civil procedures.

Same man different problem

   In Chester, a caller reported that a man was driving around looking into residences and garages. He was last seen in an area where he was looking over fences. A deputy contacted the man at the storage units and was counselled.

Big cat spotted

   In Quincy near Nugget Lane, a caller reported seeing a mountain lion in a vacant lot. Fish and Wildlife was notified.

Saturday, July 31

Helping out

   In Westwood, a caller reported that the neighbors bugged her house and were doing audio recordings on an FM broadcast. The information was transferred to Lassen County.

Puff of smoke reported

     In the Beckwourth Fire Complex, a caller reported seeing a puff of smoke within the complex on a ridge above Nervino Airport. Dispatch attempted to transfer the call to the USFS, but it was dropped. Another way was chosen to transfer the information to the USFS.

Disturbance reported

   In Graeagle in the Consignee Creek area, a caller reported that a woman was causing a disturbance by screaming and crying. She didn’t want any assistance she just wanted to let deputies know that she was upset again. The woman called 911 to report a fight where a man hit a woman, but no medical assistance was needed. No weapons were involved. A deputy said that after an argument the woman left the area and turned off her cell phone. A few minutes later she called 911 but hung up. Then she called again to say the man was once again attacking her but she would not provide her location and hung up again. A deputy then contacted the woman. Once again she called 911 and said that a man was trying to attack her and calling her names then she hung up again. A deputy said he tried to contact the woman multiples times and left a voicemail. The deputy said it was an ongoing issue and each time units responded the RP ran into the woods and wouldn’t cooperate.

Possible lightning strike noted

   In the Kings Creek Falls area, a caller reported seeing smoke while he was out hiking. He thought it was caused by a lightning strike. He thought it was a half-mile in and looking east. The information was transferred to the USFS.

Another fire reported

   A caller reported seeing a fire next to Long Lake in the Graeagle area. He said he could see flames. The information was transferred to the USFS.

Escort provided

    In the North Valley Road area near Greenville, a deputy reported receiving information that two people were detained for breaking into a residence. The deputy reported escorting a woman to her residence and then out of the evacuation area.

Road rage reported

   On Highway 70 eastbound from Portola a caller reported that people in two vehicles were engaging in road rage. The RP said he was speaking to the CHP regarding the incident. The information was transferred to the CHP.


Possible spot fires reported

     On the East shore of Lake Almanor on Highway 147, a caller reported seeing possible spot fires looking at Rocky Point Campground. He was at his residence. The information was transferred to the USFS.


Suspicious goings on

   At the Lake Almanor North Campground, a caller reported suspicious activities there. A deputy said it was a case of suspicious circumstances and would do extra patrol checks.

Someone’s yelling

     In Delleker, a caller said that his neighbor was causing a disturbance. He was in his own driveway but was yelling at the RP. They were separated. No weapons were involved. A deputy said they agreed to keep the peace for the night.

No one’s home for light show

   In Chester, a caller reported seeing lights flashing in the upstairs of a residence. The caller thought it was suspicious and knocked on the door. No one was contacted from inside the home. A deputy checked the home and agreed there was some form of a light in the upstairs but again, no one was home.

Friday, July 30

Someone needed help

   On the Mt. Tomba Road past the Campground near Cromberg, a caller reported that he could hear a woman screaming for help. The RP said it had been going on for some time, but he was just then able to fully hear the word “help.” The RP called again and said he could hear someone yelling something like a name. He said the situation was closer to the RP’s location than at the lower campground that was closest to the highway. A deputy said he attempted to contact a woman. After the deputy identified himself the woman hung up. He was trying to call her again and left a voicemail saying that if she needed assistance to call the sheriff’s office. A deputy contacted a man who said his girlfriend wandered off into the woods after an argument. The deputy said the woman was capable of calling for help but appeared to not want or need it. There was no evidence of a crime.

Hearing shots fired

   In Blairsden, a caller reported hearing two gun shots about two minutes apart. A deputy checked the area and was unable to find anything but two bears.

Suspicious situation

     In Graeagle a caller said they picked up a female who was walking along the side of the road. She was in her mid 20s and was barefoot and wearing a raincoat. The RP said they picked her up at the golf place off Highway 89 and remembered seeing her on Highway 70 on the east side of Quincy walking toward a drive in. The cross traffic on the radio was copied and the CHP with an Alameda unit were out with her.


Fire reported

     At Philippine Flats and Willow Creek Road in Portola, a caller reported that he could see a smoke column in the forest. The information was transferred to the USFS.

Looking for mother

   In Quincy, a caller reported that she was unable to contact her mother who was evacuated. The RP thought she might be at the evacuation shelter. A deputy reported that she was there.

Suspicious vehicle reported

   In Delleker, a caller reported there was a suspicious vehicle on her property. It arrived during the night and had no permanent plates but the registration in the window. The RP couldn’t tell if there was anyone in the vehicle because of the dark tinted window. A woman was contacted. She said she didn’t know she was on private property and agreed to move along.

Smoke reported

   About a half mile from Penman Peak on the southside, a caller reported seeing smoke but no flames. The information was transferred to the USFS.

Suspicious disturbance reported

   In Quincy, a caller reported that a suspicious man was causing problems with the occupants of another vehicle. A deputy contacted the parties, and they were distraught over the loss of their residence.

Long distance crime

   In Quincy, a deputy was investigating a possible crime of domestic violence. There was a follow up with the Roseville Police Department that said they were out with a victim and would call back when it was clear. The deputy then contacted the Roseville Police Department and the victim where an incident occurred. The victim also reported an incident in Plumas County that was reported earlier in the month.

Brown ankle on hike

   In the Mt. Elwell Peak area near Graeagle, a caller reported that some people just started the decent on Mt. Elwell trail when a woman possibly broke her ankle. Search and rescue was paged. They were going to stage at the Gold Lake OHV staging area and attempt to drive to the victim. When they were at the ridgeline of the mountain, they requested a call to Careflight to see if the helicopter could respond. They were checking the weather and were going to fly in but then called to cancel due to the amount of smoke in the area. The Redding Air Ops also couldn’t respond due to the smoke. The Auburn CHP also declined because the location was out of their fly zone. Then Cal OES law enforcement said he would contact the National Guard. The RP said they started hiking from Graeagle Lodge to Long Lake and then to the Elwell Trail head that took about two hours. At this time the Cal National Guard said they were responding and to contact the state aviation office. All of the paperwork was in order and a crew was responding with aircraft.

Get the guns

   In Virgilia, it was requested that a deputy retrieve weapons and ammunition from a residence that burned during the Dixie Fire. A man from OES said the officers weren’t responsible for retrieving weapons from burned homes and would make arrangements with the owner to get items later.

Scam call reported

   In Quincy, a caller reported receiving a scam call from PG&E. The RP said they didn’t give the scammers any information or money.

Giving the wrong look

   In Portola, a caller requested contact from a deputy about a man who looked at the RP’s father in a threatening way. The RP confronted the man at his house down the street. He said he was pushed off the man’s porch. He didn’t know the other man’s name or address. The RP called again this time through 911 inquiring about an estimated time of arrival for a deputy. The RP was told that the deputy was very busy and would contact him when he was available. The deputy contacted the father who was supposedly looked at wrong, and he said there was nothing going on.

Parked wrong

   In Quincy, a caller reported there was a disturbance with a man in the shopping center parking lot over someone parking poorly. The suspected followed the RP into a store and started a disturbance. The suspect reportedly told the RP he knows where she lives and was going to find her later. A. deputy said there was no address or other information on the suspect for a follow-up.

Another disturbance

   In Portola, a caller said that a woman was causing a disturbance with employees at a business. The suspect was then sitting in the parking lot in a blue car. A woman said she was with her daughter in front of the store. A deputy contacted the suspect who was trespassed from the business.

Man destroying things

     In Quincy, a caller reported that last night a known man was throwing things at her trailer at about 1 a.m. The RP also said the same person destroyed her neighbor’s trailer although she didn’t want to report it. The RP thought the man would show up again that night. She requested extra patrol checks. A deputy checked the area and was unable to locate anything suspicious.


     In Quincy at the jail, a caller reported that a man broke a window in the female dorm.

Thursday, July 29

Trash time

   In Quincy, a caller reported that someone left three bags of trash in front of the transfer station.

Disturbance at hospital

   In Portola, someone at Eastern Plumas Health Care requested a deputy for a patient who was causing a disturbance. The man tried to take a swing at a nurse when he was asked to put his mask on. No weapons were involved. The RP said they hit the panic alarm at the time. A deputy said the suspect was gone by the time he arrived. The deputy said it was a verbal situation.

Fire reported

   On C Road and Willow Creek Canyon a caller reported a fire on the south side of the railroad area. The information was transferred to the USFS. Graeagle Fire Department was paged. They were unable to find fire or smoke in the area. They attempted to reconnect with the RP for a better location. It was supposed to be off C Road near Willow Creek Canyon by the train trestle. Fire department personnel still didn’t find anything. According to the witness the smoke was from the Willow Creek drainage and was viewable from Blackbird Way. They were then enroute to check that area. It was confirmed that the USFS was also in the area. Graeagle Fire did locate fog in the area but no smoke.

Bunny that has a tale

   In Portola, a caller reported that an unknown neighborhood ate the tail of one of her rabbits. Then the dog left. The RP was going to try to contacted animal control tomorrow. The information was also transferred to animal control.

Disturbance reported

     In Quincy a subject was causing problems with another man. No weapons were involved. The RP said it was verbal only at that time but was going to be physical soon. A deputy contacted both men who said they were going to bed for the night and will attempt to keep the peace.

Suspicious activity reported

   In Quincy, a caller requested extra patrol checks due to suspicious activity in the area. The RP said she works night.

Harassment reported

     In Beckwourth, a caller asked to speak to a deputy about an ongoing issue with trespassing on his property. He knew who the individual was. The RP called again, and it was noted a deputy would contact him when available. The deputy contacted both parties and explained the proper procedures. They were both issued trespass warnings for each other’s property.

Vandalism reported

   In Quincy, a corrections officer in the jail reported vandalism to the facility.

Welfare request made

     In Keddie, a caller requested a welfare check on a woman. The RP said he or she was unable to contact her and then random people answered the phone and provided contradictory information about the individual. The RP was unaware of the Dixie Fire incident and evacuation orders. A deputy contacted the Quincy Evacuation Shelter, and the victim was not registered there. The deputy had no contact information, and the residence was evacuated.

Threats made

   In the Chester area, a caller reported receiving threatening texts from a man he knows. A deputy explained proper procedures.

Loyd music reported

   In Quincy, a caller reported that a neighbor was playing music unreasonably loud with the speakers pointed toward his home. The RP asked for contact from a deputy. The RP said he has a valid restraining order against the other man. A deputy said the music was turned down when he arrived. The man with the loud music was counseled. A deputy spoke to other neighbors who didn’t think the music was unreasonably loud.

Music to shake by

   In Chester, a caller reported that his neighbors were playing their music so loud it was shaking his windows. A deputy contacted the offender who agreed to turn it down and agreed to keep the peace.


Truck spraying going on

   Eastbound on Highway 70 at the Nervino airfield, a caller reported that someone in a truck was spraying some kind of liquid out of the back. It was getting all over her vehicle. The RP didn’t have working windshield wipers. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Burglary reported

   In the Taylorsville area, a caller reported a break-in to a residence. The suspect was recently evicted from the residence and the RP thought he had returned. He left his mail behind with a bullet on top of it. He took the generator and water pump. All the locks were drilled out of the doors.

Vandalism reported

     In Portola on Gulling Street, a caller reported that someone slashed his tires during the night.

Wednesday, July 28

Quad issues

   In Chester, a caller reported that a quad sped down the street a few times. The RP was concerned because of the evacuations. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Blew right on by

     Southbound on Highway 89 at Highway 36 near Chester, a CHP officer reported that while at a roadblock at the intersection, a vehicle blew past the roadblock and was then in the road closure area. The CHP was requesting units to BOLO for a black decommissioned Crown Victoria.

Gate locked

   In Quincy, someone put a padlock on a gate to stop traffic, but then someone added a second lock to it. It was unknown who put it there at the office of the American Valley Aviation on Orion Way. A deputy said it was suspicious, but it was unknown who owned the lock. Extra patrols were ordered.

Assistance requested

     On Highway 89 and Highway 36 in the Lake Almanor area, the CHP requested assistance at the roadblock. The CHP officers were out with two subjects. A deputy responded.

Fight reported

   In Portola, a caller reported a fight between a man and a woman. It was a physical fight, and no weapons were seen. While the RP was calling 911, the man went back into a business. A deputy contacted both parties at their home. They denied a physical altercation. The woman agreed to leave the residence..

Vandalism reported

   In Portola, a caller reported vandalism to a car during the night. The headlights were smashed.

Vandalism in the jail

     In Quincy, a corrections officer requested a deputy to respond to the jail. The same man who allegedly caused two other problems destroyed the phone and kiosk.


Burglary reported

   In Beckwourth, a caller who has a hemp farm with employees there said that stealing was taking place on his property. The RP said they stole his vehicle among other things and were at the site right then. A deputy was diverted to another case. The RP called back to check if the deputy was going to come back. The deputy said it was an incident of a suspicious nature with a misunderstanding about property.

Saw it on home camera

   In the West Shore Lake Almanor area a caller reported that she was out of town but could see two men on her surveillance cameras. They appeared to be firefighters, but she thought it was suspicious that they were walking around the home and looking into the windows. A deputy said the residence was secure.

Suspicious texts

   In Quincy, a caller reported that a man was texting him saying that he “likes to rape girls.” Although the RP had his name he didn’t know him. The RP got the suspect’s number from his girlfriend who was receiving the texts. The caller was a firefighter at the fire camp. A deputy said there was no crime at the time. The RP was going to contact the Fresno Police Department and request a welfare check on his girlfriend.


Music issues again

   In Quincy, A caller reported having a temporary restraining order against his neighbor. He said that the man put speakers outside against the RP’s fence and was disturbing the peace. The RP didn’t want contact just yet but would call back if the problem continued. It was unknown if the suspect had weapons or firearms.

Tuesday, July 27

Not available


Monday, July 26

Assault reported

   At the jail, a corrections officer requested a deputy at the jail for an assault. Two women were involved.

Caught on camera

   In Quincy, a caller reported that she saw a male on her cameras trying to get into her residence. The RP said she would like to have her residence checked. The deputy said the house was secure with no signs of forced entry. A neighbor said she would help watch the place.

Squatter reported

   In Quincy, a caller reported a squatter was on her property. A sergeant reported attempting to contact the RP but got no answer. The sergeant then contacted other relatives and was told the issue was resolved.

Property stolen

   In Chester, a caller reported having two chainsaws stolen from a job site.

Front door shot at

   In Chester, a caller reported that someone with a pellet gun shot at her front door. The caller said it was juveniles who ran to a house on the other side of the fence from her place. The RP said there was possible damage to her vehicle and/or front door. A deputy had to go to Chester from Quincy to respond. The RP called again to say the juvenile was back shooting at her door again. A deputy contact the juvenile and his mother and the pellet gun was confiscated.

Disturbance reported

   In Portola, a caller reported a verbal disturbance at the neighbors’ residence. A woman and her boyfriend were yelling very loudly at each other inside the residence. Children were inside the home. A deputy contacted the man who was having a problem with himself.

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