Sheriff’s Blotter: June 14-20

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and compiled by Victoria Metcalf. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from June 14 through June 20. In this report, the terms RP (reporting party), BOLO (be on the lookout) and occasionally HBD (had been drinking) are used.


Frenchman Lake
The USFS and a deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with driving under the influence and having a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher. A caller said that someone was out with a submerging boat and a possible DUI subject. The CHP was responding from Susanville, but the USFS said they could cancel. The RP said the boat was out of the water and on a trailer. A deputy took the man’s dog to animal control.


The sheriff’s office and the USFS reported the arrest of a man who was charged with unlawfully causing a fire when he recklessly sets fire to or burns or causes to be burned any structure, forest land or property. An RP reported that a man had a fire in a pit in his front yard and had no power or water. Before the fire department could be paged, 911 calls were coming into dispatch that the man’s house was fully engulfed. Beckwourth and Eastern Plumas fire departments responded. One caller alleged that he witnessed the man light his house on fire. A sergeant said the front of the house was fully engulfed but it hadn’t spread to the rest of the house. The USFS was contacted and search and rescue. Evacuations were ordered, and the highway was shut down with CHP for traffic control. The incident was reported on North Fourth Street. (See full story on this web site.) The previous day it was reported that he was throwing rocks and paint cans in the roadway. That day he locked himself in the house and refused to talk.

Probation reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating his probation and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

A corrections officer reported that a man was booked on a court remand and charged with resisting arrest.

A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with threatening to do great bodily harm to someone else.


It was reported that a man was booked on a court remand and charged with vandalism.

A deputy reported that a man was arrested and charged with warrants. A caller reported that he was locked in the bathroom for three hours in a business. He was refusing to open the door. The CHP was also on scene.

It was reported that a man was arrested and charged with violating probation and the possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. A caller reported that a man was walking up the Twain Store Road toward the highway and was possibly HBD and yelling.


Sunday, June 20

Parking lot drinking: At Lake Almanor, a caller reported receiving information that 10 juveniles were in a parking lot near a marina, drinking. A deputy was unable to locate anyone.

Mountain biker down: In the Graeagle area, someone reported a mountain bike rider with a head injury. The location was 22N42, a mile and a half from the Mohawk Chapman Road. Search and Rescue was paged, along with Graeagle and Plumas Eureka fire departments, Eastern Plumas Health Care ambulance and Careflight. The CHP Air Ops was enroute. Careflight landed at the top of a trail about a mile from the patient. The patient was transported to Renown hospital in Reno.


Disturbance at West Shore: A caller reported that three people were causing problems at the West Shore Lake Almanor. There was a vehicle with a camper and a canoe. They were trespassed to launch the canoe. Next they were driving down the shoreline. They left before a deputy arrived.

Stolen mail reported: In Quincy, a caller said a woman she knew stole her mail. The RP received a picture of the stolen mail. A detective contacted the RP who said a family member had a piece of her mail. It wasn’t stolen she was just upset over family issues. The RP requested that the original woman be trespassed. The detective reported that no crime occurred and that the woman needed to be trespassed from the RP’s address. A deputy attempted to contact the woman in question but learned she was no longer living at the previous address.

Weapon fired: In the Spring Garden area, a caller reported hearing a single gunshot from a high-powered rifle. The RP thought they knew where it came from. The man’s friend had one fired a shot to get attention because he needed medical assistance. There was an attempt to locate that man but there was no answer. A deputy contacted the man who denied shooting any weapon. The deputy explained the correct temporary restraining order procedures to the RP.


Missing person found: In the area of the Johnsville Cemetery Trail in the Johnsville area, a caller reported an overdue hiker and her dog. She was from Sacramento and not familiar with the area. Search and Rescue was paged. The individual was located in the creek a half-mile south of the cemetery. She was uninjured but in a steep canyon. Rescue was attempting to her up to safety. She was returned home uninjured.

People not heard from: From Lake Davis to Antelope Lake, a caller reported that her ex husband and twin daughters went fishing in that area and were supposed to return home by a specific time. She hadn’t heard from them. She last had a text from her daughter hours earlier saying they were almost to one of the lakes. The phone went dead. A friend was going to drive with the RP to Antelope Lake to look for them. Search and Rescue was involved in another incident. The CHP reported they were located and needed no further assistance.


Afraid to go home: In Portola, a caller reported a physical fight with someone who pulled a gun. The RP was at the post office awaiting contact and afraid to go home. The suspect was reportedly throwing things at the car. The parties were separated. A deputy reported that proper temporary restraining order procedures were in place.

Saturday, June 19

Son destroying home: In Quincy, a caller said her son was causing problems and destroying her apartment. A deputy said it was verbal only. The suspect was issued a trespass warning at that address and was given a ride to his place.

Issues with a dog: In Quincy, a caller reported a cold domestic violence situation. The caller said a man hit her thigh and pushed her against her porch. He then left in a Jeep. Later the RP reported the man was calling and threatening to come take her dog. A deputy explained proper civil procedures to the RP and she was told to recontact if the man showed up.


Vandalized golf carts: In the West Shore Lake Almanor area a caller reported that golf cars were vandalized during the night. Someone at the West Almanor Community Club Pro Shop reported it.

Injured biker reported: Eight miles up the Chester Warner Valley Road near Chester, a caller requested medical assistance for an injured biker with a possible concussion. The RP said the biker was on a paved road. The information was transferred to SIFC and the patient was transported to Seneca hospital in Chester.

Dogs found: At the Pilot Lake Campground and Johnsville Road, a caller reported finding two dogs at Pilot Lake. The RP was securing the dogs with food, water and shade. No units were available to send to assist. The information was transferred to animal control. The dogs’ owner contacted and was told they didn’t have the dogs. The case was closed until there was further contact from the RP.

Bicyclist injured: On Wolf Creek Road in Greenville, a caller requested an ambulance for a bicyclist who was injured just off the highway. The RP came across the incident and it looked like the female fell off her bike. REMSA was contacted. Indian Valley Fire Department and Plumas District Hospital ambulance notified. A second report came into dispatch. The patient was transported to Seneca hospital in Chester.


Boating citation issued: On Lake Almanor, a woman was cited and charged with having an undocumented vessel.

Possible missing person reported: At the Bucks Lake Marina, someone reported secondhand information about a possible missing man from Texas. He was last seen June 6 in the Feather River Canyon.

Boating citation reported: On Lake Davis, the boat patrol reported citing a man who was charged with people under the age of 13 not wearing life jackets.

Fire reported: Southbound on Highway 395 south of Doyle near Constantia, an RP reported smoke on the east side of Highway 395 north of Red Rock Road. The Sierra Valley Fire Department was paged. A second report was called in to dispatch at the same location. The information was transferred to the USFS who said that SIFC was responsible. SIFC cancelled Sierra Valley Fire Department.

In restricted area: On Rocky Point Road near Portola, a caller reported that some people drove over a barricade and into a restricted access area. The RP said it looked like they were lighting a barbecue. The RP was concerned about fire danger. A deputy contacted the people who did drive beyond the barrier but had no open flame campfires.


Boat fire reported: Near Lake Almanor West, a boat fire was reported approximately 100 to 200 yards offshore. Six people were onboard. SIFC was notified. The fire was put out and the boat was towed to show.

Pole sparking: In the Clio area a caller requested the fire department because a transformer on a pole was sparking. Citizens with hoses were standing by if a fire broke out. Graeagle and Plumas Eureka fire departments were paged. The electric company arrived.

Violent people reported: In the Beckwourth area, a caller reported that two males approached him while he was walking his dog. They were volatile toward him. He said one of them shoved him and he fell down. The caller knew who the individual was and said he didn’t know it was private property. The caller said the person was armed and shooting on the property but didn’t threaten him or brandish firearms at him. A deputy contacted the RP who said it was verbal only and there was no crime.


Woman attempting to drive while HBD: At Sundew Campground in the Quincy area, a caller reported that an extremely intoxicated woman was attempting to drive with a child. The caller said friends prevented her from getting the keys or driving but was causing problems. No deputy was available. The information was transferred to the USFS to see if a unit could report. A courtesy transport was provided.

Friday, June 18

Missing miner reported: Around the Four P’s Mining Claim in the Bucks Lake area, a caller reported that her father left in the afternoon to check his claim and hadn’t returned or called. He was going there because of suspicions of trespassers. The caller didn’t know the specific location of the mine The RP was recontacted in an effort to get an idea of where the mine might be, but the RP said no one knew. Search and Rescue said they’d get a group together to check the area. The victim was contacted and was fine. He was home in Oroville and didn’t have cell service.

Past curfew: In Chester at the park, a deputy reported counseling three juveniles who were in the park past curfew. The juveniles were released to a woman who was going to discipline them.


Hit in parking lot: In Chester, a caller reported that a vehicle in a parking lot hit a female. The vehicle was still on scene. An ambulance was not requested. The information was transferred to the CHP and a deputy was enroute.

Bears at the door: In Taylorsville, Lifeline reported a caller who activated her pendant multiple times saying there was a large bear with multiple cubs scratching at her front door and bedroom window. Lifeline transferred the caller who was hysterical and could only ask for help. The CHP and fish and wildlife were enroute. The CHP said the bear was gone. The RP contacted fish and wildlife and said this was an ongoing issue. A deputy reported that fish and wildlife was to handle the problem.

Missing camper reported: From Quincy to Bucks Lake, a caller requested a check on his friend who he’d last heard from June 8 saying he was headed to Bucks. The individual’s last known address was in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the man travels around camping. The individual’s sister said that the man usually contacts friends often and he contact her on her birthday, which was today. A deputy checked from Slate Creek Road to Rock Creek Campground just before Deans Valley. Fish and wildlife located the man who was camping at Lower bucks and was fine. He was removed from the missing persons database.

Fire reported: On Hog Back Ridge in the La Porte area, someone reported a fire. The information was transferred to the USFS.


Boat’s missing: On Little Grass Valley Reservoir, a caller reported his boat was missing. He last saw it in April. He put it in the water and tied it to a rock. It is a 12 ft aluminum fishing boat. A deputy contacted the RP who believed it floated away.

Assault reported: In Portola, a caller reported an assault that took place in front of her house with juveniles. Two teens in one vehicle pulled over with another vehicle. The teens in one vehicle jumped out and pulled the ones in the other vehicle out and started punching them. Then some of them were heading toward Quincy. The CHP was with the teens in one of the vehicles. A deputy said that victim witness was notified.

Woman lying in the road: On Highway 147 and Clear Creek Junction near Hamilton Branch, a caller reported that a woman was on the side of the road requesting help. She said she was having back pain. The information was transferred to SIFC. SIFC called and said medical was on scene reporting a possible disturbance with the woman lying in the road. The CHP said a unit was enroute from Chester. SIFC said the woman declined medical and requested a ride to Greenville.

Window broken: In Quincy, a caller reported that someone attempted to break in. The caller said someone broke a window by the front door. A deputy said it was suspicious but no vandalism. The window was broken on a different day.


Thursday, June 17

Reports chasing someone away: In Chester, a caller said he just chased away a male from the residence. The RP said the person was attempting to break in through the front door. The suspect left in a vehicle. The RP couldn’t provide a description of the person he just saw a dark figure run and get into a silver vehicle. A deputy was BOLOing the area and was unable to find a vehicle matching the description.

Dog attack reported: In Portola, a caller reported that a pitbull attacked his father. The dog jumped over the fence and then left. The victim had broken skin but declined an ambulance. The information was transferred to animal control.

Smoke reported: One mile north from Look Out Rock near Quincy, a caller reported she is a Pacific Crest Trail hiker said she was looking north between 23N19 and 23N60 USFS roads and could see smoke. The information was transferred to the USFS.


Vandalism reported: In Spring Garden, a caller reported someone broke her door handle off while he was in town. The RP said no one was inside but she can’t enter the residence.

Fire reported: A half-mile off Highway 70 on Keddie Resort Highway, a caller reported that one of his garbage truck drivers contacted him saying he dumped trash in his hopper and now it was smoking. Quincy Fire Department was paged. The CHP requested that a deputy respond to take a report of illegal dumping. The deputy said there was no evidence of a crime.

Camper needed medical help: At the end of Beckwourth Peak Road, a caller requested medical help for extreme back pain and possible kidney issues. He was about 10 miles north from Pack Wood Camp. Care Flight was notified. Search and Rescue was at Lakes Basin with injured hiker. Later the RP called back and said he was so weak he was going back inside his tent. The information was passed onto REMSA dispatch. REMSA said he wasn’t able to get a hold of the Careflight pilot to pass on the information. The information was passed on to the USFS. Careflight was unable to land and returned to base. An ambulance was to stage at the Gold Lake Lodge campground southeast of the lake. The information was also transferred to the Sierra County Sheriff. Units were with the victim and transporting him back to the Gold Lake Campground. The victim was taken to Eastern Plumas Health Care in Portola.

Vandalism reported: A caller reported that her deceased neighbor’s door was kicked-in in Beckwourth. The RP was unsure if anyone was inside. The RP said that the next of kin were contacted and no one should be there. The RP did see a suspicious four door white car with Nevada plates parked there but it left the area. A deputy was enroute from Highway 395 but was diverted to another case.


Someone’s coming through the window: In Quincy, a caller said he was contacted by another person who was housesitting and said a known man was coming in the bedroom window. A sergeant said he contacted the house sitter who was at the house. He told the other man the day before that he wasn’t allowed to be there. He left without incident.

Wednesday, June 16
Assault reported: Near Greenville, a caller reported that two males jumped another one with a bat. A deputy contacted the victim who denied being assaulted. Proper temporary restraining order procedures were given.

Suspicious situation: In Quincy, a caller requested to speak to a deputy about some people in front of his house. The caller said there were two males in a pickup. He said he was in an altercation with his neighbor last week and believes they were hired to retaliate. He was told to remain inside. A deputy said the unknown people were gone. The deputy was on the lookout for a black Dodge. The RP requested they be trespassed. A sergeant said he would give them a warning when he found them.

Howling at something: In Portola, a caller reported that a suspicious man was outside her house making howling noises. The suspect was also there two nights earlier asking to talk to the RP. A deputy spoke to the RP who said the man wasn’t on her property but was across the street. A deputy knew who the man was but he was gone.


Fire reported: In Warner Valley near Chester, a caller reported a flareup in the USFS burn area in Warner Valley. The information was transferred to SIFC.

Rescuing fawn: In Quincy, a caller said she took a fawn from the annex on Jackson Street to her house. She was concerned it would get hit and she didn’t see the mother around. The information was transferred to fish and wildlife. A fish and wildlife warden was going to contact the RP and a rescue group.

Fire reported: On Arlington Road near Taylorsville, a caller reported a small fire on the right hand side of the road. It was spreading at a low rate and was possibly caused by woodcutting. The information was transferred to the USFS. Indian Valley and Crescent Mills fire departments were notified. It was reported that the fire was 10-feet by 10-feet and there was a water tender on it.

Vehicle smoking: On Juniper Lake Road near Chester, a caller said his vehicle was smoking. He was three miles from the ranger station. While on the phone flames became visible from the hood. The information was transferred to the CHP. A deputy reported the vehicle was fully engulfed and the driver was out. The fire was contained to the vehicle and fire assistance arrived.


Vandalism reported: In Greenville, a caller reported that her security camera showed a family walking by the place and then vandalizing her yard the previous day. An adult allowed a child to stomp on the flowers in the yard. A deputy contacted the RP and advised it was not a crime.

Sending nude photos: In Quincy, a caller reported that a man she met online is sending her nude photos to other people. A deputy said it was no crime but provided proper procedures.

Tuesday, June 15

Fire reported: A half-mile east of Two Rivers Road in the Blairsden area, a caller reported a man was on the side of the road with a small fire beside him possibly in the brush. Graeagle and Plumas Eureka fire departments were paged. Long Valley and Greenhorn fire departments were paged for mutual aid. The CHP said they’d received a report that it was a man with a motorcycle on the side of the road with a campfire. A deputy arrived. The fire was mostly on the pavement and was extinguished. Fire did mop up the scene. A deputy said it was a warming fire for a stranded motorist. The deputy was providing the person a ride to Quincy.


Intoxicated bicyclist reported: Westbound on Highway 36 between Chester and Highway 32, a caller reported an intoxicated bicyclist. The RP spoke to a woman who said she was trying to get to Chico. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Monday, June 15

Grass fire reported: In Quincy, a caller reported a grass fire near her home on Homestead Lane. Quincy Fire Department responded. The USFS responded. The fire was put out.