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Sheriff’s Blotter March 10-12: Calls to help with snow removal dominate

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. No individual’s names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of activity for March 10-12

March 10

While we were sleeping

3:31 a.m. Portola. A caller reports a verbal argument with his wife. The caller is upset his wife was in Reno all night and came home with beer. Had a difficult time hearing the caller over the female half screaming in the background. 3:36 a.m. Received a transferred 911 call from Santa Cruz Police Dept. The female half is screaming about previous domestic violence that occurred but tonight she just wants the male half out of the residence. The female was advised to separate herself from the male half due to the call out time. 3:40 a.m. Called out to a unit. 4:10 a.m. A deputy contacted the parties, it was a verbal argument only. Both parties agreed to keep the peace and separate in the residence for the night. Two children were present during the altercation. The call was faxed to CPS.

So close, yet so far

4:10 a.m. Quincy. Request a tow truck for an ambulance stuck in slush. 4:12 a.m. The location was given to Quincy Tow, Bucks Lake Road across from Plumas District Hospital.


7:04 a.m. Chester. A caller requests assistance with snow removal around her propane tank.

Another blockage

7:12 a.m. Portola. A caller reports a blue Subaru Outback is blocking the road at Rio Grande and California. 7:49 a.m. The vehicle was towed by Crescent Tow.

OH! Did we forget about all the other roofs in the county!

7:27 a.m. Crescent Mills. Received a second-hand report of a horse shelter that fell on a horse. The horse is still alive under the shelter. It is unknown who the owner is or if the owner knows. 7:36 a.m. Crescent Mills and Indian Valley Fire departments were paged. 7:37 a.m. A deputy advised there are several people on the scene already. 8:56 a.m. The deputy advised assistance complete.

In need of assistance

7:42 a.m. Clio. A caller requested assistance with snow removal around her fuel tank and a pathway to her woodshed. The caller is elderly and disabled.

Positive outcome

7:51 a.m. Quincy. A caller requests an ambulance for an elderly male who fell. It is unknown how long he’s been down. 7:53 a.m. Quincy Fire and PDH ambulance were paged. 8 a.m. Lift assist only, assistance complete.

Oh, that’s not good

9:38 a.m. Quincy. A caller reports they have water up to their knees due to the snow buildup near the culvert at Hwy 70 and Blackhawk. The caller attempted to contact the Road Department but no answer. 9:47 a.m. The information was sent to Quincy Road Department via radio, they will go take a look.

Getting to know the elder population

10:17 a.m. Sloat. A caller requested assistance with snow removal, her propane tank is unable to get fuel to her residence. She is an 85-year-old female that lives alone.

It just keeps coming

10:39 a.m. Greenville. A caller requests sandbags, if possible, they are unable to get them themselves. They are 71- and 80-year-old seniors in the home.

Phony money

11:11 a.m. Portola. A caller reports receiving counterfeit money at Plumas Sierra Rural Electric. A criminal report was filed.

It’s a toss up

11:44 a.m. Greenville. A caller reports his daughter is causing a disturbance throwing things all over the house. 12:29 p.m. A Sgt. advised the parties separated prior to arrival. It was a verbal argument only and the parties are okay and agreed to keep the peace.

Pinched off

1:25 p.m. Chester. A caller requests assistance at his business. Snow has fallen off the roof and is cutting the power line to the building. The caller was transferred to SIFC.

Gut feeling

5:46 p.m. Cromberg. A caller requests PCSO take his weapons (handguns and long guns) for safekeeping. 7:19 p.m. Contacted the caller and spoke with him. The caller now wishes to cancel the call, nothing further at this time.

Do unto others …

5:55 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports a possible civil problem with a neighbor shoveling snow into her yard/trailer and damaging her steps. 6:46 p.m. Civil procedures were provided.

For the record

6:34 p.m. Chester. A caller reports that his friend was in a store and heard a pop. The friend told the employees but they didn’t seem to care. 6:52 p.m. Called the business, spoke with an employee who said everything in the back appeared to be fine and she had not heard any loud pop. 7:12 p.m. Okay to close for now.

March 11

On the safe side

5:50 a.m. Crescent Mills. A caller is rambling on about believing he is being poisoned and needs an ambulance for vomiting and stomach cramps. 5:56 a.m. The caller’s mother contacted via 911 and advised the caller is okay and having mental health issues. She is advising he does not need medical assistance, but the caller is insisting he does. 5:57 a.m. PDH ambulance and Crescent Mills Fire were paged. 6:18 a.m. Plumas 12 medic requests a deputy code 2. Unable to copy radio traffic on why. 6:18 a.m. The call was put out. 7:59 a.m. The patient was transferred to PDH.

No need for extra hazards!

8:55 a.m. Greenville. A caller reports a chip semi-truck just almost hit him head on passing over a double yellow line. The call was transferred to CHP.

Remove the shrink wrap from your boats

7:13 p.m. Beckwourth. A caller reports that he received information that there is flooding in the area of Harriet Lane and A24 and the roadway needs to be closed for public safety. 7:26 p.m. The information was given to County Roads and CHP. County Roads advised they will not close the road but they will put out roadway flooded signs.

Honest and accountable

9:23 p.m. Quincy. On an open line can hear children talking and laughing in the backround. Unable to recontact. 9:29 p.m. The location and number were found. 9:31 p.m. A second 911 call, a child stated he doesn’t have an emergency and his friend dared him to call. Can hear several children laughing in the background.

Wild ‘round midnight

11:28 p.m. Delleker. A caller reports their 20-year-old son is causing a disturbance, and is extremely intoxicated, no drugs. He punched his friend in the face who lives in the house, is breaking windows and items around the house. He has a handgun but it is not loaded and he has no access to ammo. There are no other weapons. The subject is in front of the house in the driveway. 11:33 p.m. The location was given to CHP, there are no units in the area. March 12, 12:06 a.m. The subject was gone upon arrival. Deputies will be on the lookout in the Portola Area. The male subject was found and issued a violation of drunk in public.

March 12

Breaking through the berm

10:43 a.m. Cromberg. A caller reports that he is snowed in and needs to drive to EPHC. He is not feeling well and is having trouble taking care of himself. He is 66 with general illness. The caller said that he does not want an ambulance. He just needs the snow berm cleared so he can drive out. The caller advised that he is on the way to the hospital in a private vehicle and requests no further assistance. The information was sent to EPHC Emergency Room that the patient is on the way.


1:29 p.m. Keddie. A caller reports multiple rockslides on Hwy 70 between Greenville Wye and Old Hwy.

Brotherly love

2:48 p.m. Greenville. A caller reports that she was just attacked by her brother. He pushed her head into the car. She was leaving her mother’s residence and the subject came out an pushed her head int the car. The caller said she doesn’t need medical services and stated that the subject was upset due to the caller using the mother’s vehicle. The parties are separated and she is on the way home. 5:18 p.m. A criminal report was filed.

Do you know where your car is?

3:39 p.m. Keddie. CHP requests a deputy attempt to contact the registered owner of a vehicle and inquire if the owner knows where their vehicle is. CHP advised they located the vehicle at A21 and Old Town in Westwood with ignition damage. 4:06 p.m. Contacted the son of the registered owner who said his father lives in Reno and not in Plumas County. No one should have the vehicle and the vehicle should be at the residence in Keddie. He would also attempt to contact his father and stepmother and have them call CHP dispatch. All numbers and addressed were given to CHP.

Can you hear me now?

4:17 p.m. Meadow Valley. A caller reports that a female just broke the windows on his vehicle, can hear the female in the background. The caller’s cell service is very poor. The caller was only able to provide the address and the line disconnected. 4:23 p.m. The caller recontacted to advise that the subject broke the side mirror of the vehicle and took the battery out. The caller was advised to separate from the subject if possible. There are no weapons. 5:28 p.m. The female subject was issued violations for probation violation, violating a restraining order, and malicious damage and destruction of property.

Poor phone service

4:35 p.m. Chester. A caller reports a phone line is down across the roadway. She is currently blocking the road with her vehicle, so no one drives over it. The line down starts at the corner on Myrtle. 5:01 p.m. Frontier was provided the location of the line and they had an unknown ETA. The information was given to the caller and she was advised that CHP may be on the way but with an unknown ETA. 5:48 p.m. Recontacted Frontier who said no ETA at this time. They will recontact when they have one. CHP requested County Roads to do traffic control. 5:53 p.m. Attempted to contact both Chester County Road employees but no answer; left a message. 6:02 p.m. Frontier advised they have no technician available until tomorrow. The information was provided to CHP of the number for the Frontier representative.

Extreme snow conditions- better in front than on top

6:48 p.m. Beckwourth. CHP advised of secondhand information on a vehicle that is now stuck on the roadway and cannot exit due to three avalanches 3-5 miles from Hwy 70 on Frenchman Lake Road. The original caller located a subject in a black Hyundai Sonata that drove up Frenchman Lake Road and now cannot exit due to the snow. CHP said the original caller did not get any phone number or name of the driver stuck. The caller stated it was a solo male occupant with unknown food or water. 7:02 p.m. Contacted the caller who said that the driver went to the lake earlier and the roadway was clear. When he started to drive down the road to go home he came upon three avalanches that are blocking the road. The caller reported that all three of the avalanches are about 5-7 feet high. 7:15 p.m. Caltrans will try and clear the roadway, if unable, recontact for SAR assistance. CHP advised Caltrans will be on the way shortly to start clearing the roadway. CHP was advised to recontact if Caltrans has issues and needs SAR assistance. 8:25 p.m. They were able to clear one lane of the roadway, the party is no longer stuck.

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