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Sheriff’s Blotter May 4-8: Many mental health issues

May flowers and mental health issues blossom

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. No individual’s names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of activity for May 4-8

May 4

Double dipping

3:20 a.m. Beckwourth. A caller reports that she was told to call by a friend. The friend told the caller that the subjects are squatting at a residence that has been condemned. The male and female subjects were named. 12:14 p.m. A Sgt. contacted all parties and they left. The male subject was contacted on another detail; he was trespassed from this address.

Alanon now on Zoom

11:23 a.m. Portola. A caller requests a welfare check on her daughter. She has had no contact for 3-4 days. The subject’s phone number was supplied. The caller stated the subject is a recovered alcoholic and the caller is worried the subject might drink if the ex comes around. The subject got upset when the mom called last time. There are no behavioral health issues. The subject has a job but the caller does not remember where. 12:07 p.m. The information was given to the active unit. 12:14 p.m. A deputy and a detective contacted the subject. She will call her mom.

Gambler loss

1:24 p.m. Graeagle. A caller advises he won a super bowl pool. He won and they didn’t pay him. The caller requests to speak to a deputy. The subject can be located at a local business and owes the caller $750. 2:19 p.m. A deputy advises the caller is not desiring criminal prosecution but requests the deputy attempt to contact the subject and advise her to pay him. The deputy attempted to contact the subject, no answer. 7:21 p.m. The deputy made multiple attempts to contact the subject. The deputy contacted the caller to provide an update on the call status. The caller requested the information be on file. The caller will attempt to contact the subject.

Better luck next time

4:10 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports two kids walking on Hwy 70 near the passing lane west of Quincy. The subjects appear to be hitchhiking. Both subjects are male with backpacks and brown hair. 4:13 p.m. The deputy reports they are east of Lee Summit and requests CHP. 4:34 p.m. The juveniles were located and were provided a ride home. Nothing further is needed.

Free storage

5:13 p.m. Portola. A caller requested deputy contact for a civil standby for property retrieval. The caller said the subject won’t return his snowblower. The subject is his ex-wife’s father. 6:38 p.m. A deputy contacted the caller who requested a civil standby. The deputy advised the caller is unsure of the address where the property is located. The caller will recontact when prepared to execute a civil standby.

Dog-gone it

5:35 p.m. Portola. A caller reports several train transients across the street from her business, four males. The caller said she kicked them out of her retail store due to suspicious behavior, possibly on drugs, and requested deputy contact. 6:17 p.m. A deputy contacted the caller who advised the subjects left upon her request, nothing further.

A matter of opinion

5:48 p.m. Greenville. A caller requested a deputy contact at the front door to make a report of vandalism to her vehicle. A subject was suspected. 6:17 p.m. A deputy contacted the caller who advised no crime, there is normal vehicle wear and tear. Victim Witness information was provided along with temporary restraining order procedures. The caller requests the information on file.

Double trouble

9:42 p.m. Chester. A female driver was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of both drugs and alcohol.

May 5

Morning constitutional

6:02 a.m. Loyalton. A caller reports cows on the roadway on Hwy 49 one mile east of Loyalton. The caller was transferred to CHP.

Here, let me help you with that

11:31 a.m. Quincy. A caller reports two male juveniles on bikes possibly smoking marijuana, last seen near the skate park. One was wearing jeans and the other was in all black carrying backpacks. 12:02 p.m. A deputy contacted two juveniles who had a homemade water bottle pipe and agreed to allow the deputies to destroy it. No marijuana was found.

Getting the nudge

11:43 p.m. Greenville. A caller requested a welfare check on a student that has not been there since last Thursday. 1:01 p.m. A detective advised contact with the juvenile who was at his residence and a relative was going to transport him to his school. The information was faxed to the DA’s office.

No rush, already missed the morning bite

2:47 p.m. Chester. A caller reports a blue Ford F150 towing a boat at a high rate of speed heading westbound from the causeway. The call was transferred to CHP.

Slippery when wet

4:24 p.m. Cromberg. CHP are looking for a female suspect and requested deputies check the area on Hwy 70 at Sandhouse near Lee Summit and assist. The subject is in her 30s with blonde hair, 5’4” weighing 125 lbs. wearing a black Beckwourth Fire sweatshirt in cuffs. 5:07 p.m. The subject was located and is being escorted back to Lee Summit. 5:30 p.m. CHP requests medical. Quincy Fire and PDH were paged. CHP later cancelled those requests for medical. CHP requests an ambulance only meet the officer and prisoner at the CHP building in Quincy. 5:33 p.m. The female subject was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with an alcohol blood level over .08 percent, and resisting arrest.

Documentary short

4:38 p.m. Portola. A caller reports a known female is at their business finance office and is recording them and is refusing to leave. 4:43 p.m. The caller reports the parties have left and they are no longer requesting assistance.

Welcome back

6:54 p.m. Quincy. A male subject was arrested on charges of under the influence of a controlled substance of drugs.

Not today

10:43 p.m. Delleker. A caller requested to speak to a deputy about on-going issues with the subject. The subject has been living at the address and has been causing a verbal argument with his mother. The subject is no longer at the residence and left in a vehicle that does not belong to him or either of the callers. The subject was named and possibly used meth. There are no firearms. 11:23 p.m. A deputy contacted both callers via phone. The subject’s mother is very intoxicated and requested nothing from law enforcement. The caller requests to arrest him using physical force. The deputy declined and the caller disconnected the call.

May 6

Mill Creek morning

9:24 a.m. Quincy. Two male subjects were arrested on East Main Street, one on charges of possession of methamphetamine and warrants, and the other on charges of under the influence of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Easy access

3:11 p.m. Chester. A caller reports vandalism to a studio door. A male suspect was named. 5:16 p.m. The caller did not answer a return call. A message was left. May 7, 1:14 p.m. A detective advised no vandalism. The door was removed from the hinges. The caller reported a theft but stated it was already reported and a report was taken. The caller requested the information be on file only. Temporary Restraining Order procedures were provided.

Too early for High Sierra

4 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports a male is walking around Pioneer Road naked. The information was sent to CHP, deputies are out of position in Portola. 4:21 p.m. Another report advised the subject is inside the trailer park walking around and the subject is possibly a known male. 4:30 p.m. CHP advised unable to locate the subject. 5:23 p.m. The subject is now dressed, retreated to motorhome, and refused to speak with deputies.


7:18 p.m. Beckwourth. A caller reports a suspicious vehicle with windows taped up. It is a white SUV type vehicle; the back window is duct taped. The information was given to CHP. 8:07 p.m. CHP handled and advised the parties to leave.

Catch and release

9:21 p.m. Quincy. A male subject was stopped on Lee Road and Bell Lane in a blue and white Ford pickup. The deputy advised one detective is on the way to finish the field sobriety test. The male subject was cited on a charge of under the influence of a controlled substance, given a court date of June 16, and was released.

In the dark

9:49 p.m. Portola. A caller reports that someone may have cut his power. He does not know if the power is just off or if someone shut it off. He is almost completely blind and cannot see the neighbor’s house. 10 p.m. Contacted the power company who said no power outages in the area are reported. 10:58 p.m. A deputy contacted the caller who said that the subject possibly damaged the power box, the subject has done this in the past. The caller now has no power or heat due to the power being off. The caller requests that dispatch contact his power company to assist him and page Fire and medical to check on him. 11:03 p.m. Contacted the caller. The caller is not requesting Fire or medical and requests to be transferred to Liberty Power to get assistance. The caller was transferred to Liberty Power. The Sgt. advised to tell the caller to contact his landlord and the power company. There is no evidence of a crime.

May 7

Wave of darkness spreads 

12:41 p.m. Portola. A caller reports that someone just shut off her power and stole her power thing. The caller said that it is next to her breaker box but isn’t sure what it is. The caller said she cannot turn the power back on. The caller said she believes that a subject was outside the residence at midnight. 12:53 p.m. A deputy advised that the caller stated someone stole the power meter from her house. She believes the subject to be her neighbor. The caller was advised to contact her power provider and her landlord.


3:26 a.m. Quincy. A caller reports an individual having an argument with himself. The subject was outside his trailer yelling and screaming. The subject possibly went back into the residence due to the subject no longer yelling. The subject is unknown but stated it is the same person from a prior call they made. 3:38 a.m. A deputy attempted to contact the subject who refused to answer the door. The deputy spoke to the subject through a window of his trailer. He appears to be having a behavioral health episode and refused medical assistance. The subject agreed to keep the peace and stay inside for the night.

Life is difficult

8:46 a.m. Quincy. A caller is calling from in front of the office. The caller requests information on file that his wife is suffering from mental health issues. The subject is refusing help. The subject made statements that she wants the caller to die but made no criminal threats. The caller requests contact from Victim Witness tomorrow. Temporary Restraining Order procedures were provided. 8:48 a.m. A subject called multiple times while units were out with a caller. The subject is requesting units to record their conversation with a male half and requested to speak with someone about “evidence” she has. 8:55 a.m. A detective contacted the female half who claims the FBI is investigating her and the caller wants to turn over a computer. The subject is suffering from mental health issues. 9:32 a.m. Units contacted the female half who is suffering from some sort of mental health issue and is not wanting to self-harm and refused any services. 10:32 a.m. The caller’s father requested to speak with someone regarding calls received from a female half. A staff member spoke with him.

Happy go lucky, until next time

5:52 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports a male subject acting oddly on Pioneer Road. The subject has a heavy build wearing tan pants, no shirt, or shoes, skipping down the street. 6:06 p.m. The subject went back inside the residence. 6:15 p.m. Spoke with the subject through the door. He agreed to stay inside. Future contacts with the subject need to be a two-deputy response.

Multiple issues

7:45 p.m. Cromberg. A caller reports that he is in distress, having mental health issues and has been drinking, slurring words, wants to go to the hospital but doesn’t want an ambulance. He would like a deputy to call him. 8:22 p.m. Attempted to contact the caller twice, phone issues. May 8, 12 p.m. No response.

Fighting mad

8:21 p.m. Portola. Eastern Plumas Health Center reports a guy tried to bring a patient in and she was aggressive in the parking lot with staff. The subject is intoxicated and chased the caller across the parking lot. The subject name is known. The subject told her boyfriend to take her home. The information is on file. 8:50 p.m. The caller states his girlfriend is very intoxicated and requests that a deputy call him. 9:17 p.m. Spoke with both parties via phone. The subject stated they will seek medical attention, nothing further.

May 8

Unofficial rest stop

3:05 a.m. Portola. A caller reports two subjects in hoodies on his porch, got to the door and then ran off. The caller did not request a call-out. The information is on file and extra patrols. The information was faxed to patrols. 7:50 p.m. The caller requested a report, and he has a video. 8:13 p.m. Refer to the criminal report.

Looks like trouble, sounds like trouble

5:15 a.m. Portola. A caller reports there is an empty lot across from him and he saw four or five individuals trying to access a storage box, messing with the street signs, and power poles. The subject sounds possibly to be a harm to self.

Canine expresses dissatisfaction with travel arrangements

8:02 a.m. Portola. A caller reports a dog bite April 27 in Mexico. The caller attempted to report it there and they said it needed to be reported where the dog resides. The bite didn’t break the skin but left teeth marks. The information was faxed to Animal Control.

May have trouble with snow.

11:54 a.m. Lake Davis. A caller reports that they found a subject stuck in the snow, and said he was there overnight. The subject is three and a half miles past Lightning Tree Campground in a Dodge pickup. The subject is an unknown male who has a phone, but the caller did not get his name or phone number. The subject is on Grizzly Road, the main road, you can drive right to him. The vehicle is high centered on two feet of snow. The caller believes a tow truck could get him out. 12:06 p.m. The information was given to CHP, they will respond. 12:27 p.m. The caller recontacted with additional information on the subject, no medical is needed. The subject’s phone number was provided. That information was given to CHP.

Hard to explain

1:15 p.m. Quincy. A caller requested information on file that there was fish blood smeared on her door. The door has been cleaned and the college is looking into the incident.

Hello sunshine. Have a good rest?

3:29 p.m. Crescent Mills. A caller reports a bear took her trash can up the hill. She picked her trash up but her neighbors will not clean theirs. Last year there were needles in their trash. The bears will keep coming back because they will not clean up. The caller wants someone to contact the neighbors and tell them to pick up their trash. 3:33 p.m. The suspects are known and live across from her house in the “house that burned up last year: 4:32 p.m. A message was left for County Code Enforcement.

Calling card left behind

3:50 p.m. Beckwourth. A caller reports someone hit her fence and caused damage. It happened this winter and she just now found the license plate and would like to speak to a deputy. 4:23 p.m. Called the caller back and left a message to contact CHP for a report if needed.

The struggle is real

4:35 p.m. Cromberg. A caller called PDH regarding mental health issues and requested assistance to go to PDH but doesn’t want an ambulance. 5:58 p.m. A subject called back; says he still is needing help but won’t accept an ambulance ride. 6:12 p.m. Received a 911 call and got a screeching sound. On callback, the subject couldn’t hear. 8:56 p.m. The caller requested transport to the hospital for behavior health issues. He is concerned for his animals but wants to be given a ride to the hospital. 9:07 p.m. PDH was paged. 10:16 p.m. The subject was transported to PDH.

The very tiny house with a view

5:07 p.m. Chester. A caller reports an older couple sitting in their car over the last few days. The caller doesn’t believe the vehicle has moved. It is in the pull-out east of Olson Barn parking lot off Hwy 36. It is a small green sedan with an unknown license plate. 5:36 p.m. CHP was notified of the call. Due to the vehicle being in a turn out and not blocking traffic, CHP won’t handle. 6:27 p.m. CHP was able to check the vehicle. The identification of the two occupants was learned. They are homeless but okay. They are awaiting apartment availability in Westwood.

Gas prices suspect

7:57 p.m. Quincy. A caller reports an older female slumped over the wheel at the gas pumps; said she wasn’t feeling well. Quincy Fire and PDH were paged. 8:10 p.m. The subject is okay, no medical needed.



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