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Sheriff’s deputies responded to variety of calls at the fair, but primarily altercations


The Sheriff’s Office responded to the fairgrounds during the Plumas Sierra County Fair more than a dozen times — eight of which involved physical fights or verbal disputes. One of the fights ended with an individual suffering head trauma and being airlifted out of the area for care.

Is this amount of fighting typical during the fair?

This is the first fair for Todd Johns since becoming sheriff — the fair was on a two-year hiatus prior due to COVID and fire. “There have always been fights at the fair,” Johns said. He indicated that many of the issues during this year’s fair involved juveniles.

Former Sheriff Greg Hagwood, agreed that there have always been fights and recalled the late ’80s and early ’90s when fair attendance was much higher. “It was probably double what we have now,” he said and then mentioned the numerous events that drew crowds to the fair: Sweetheart of the Mountains, the logging show, the rodeo, headline entertainment and the car races. “Invariably it was the loggers and the cowboys,” Hagwood said, of the fights that would break out.

But looking back over the past 10 years, he doesn’t recall a significant amount of fighting.

District Attorney David Hollister said he has heard about some of the fighting that occurred, but is waiting for the final reports from the Sheriff’s Office before he knows what charges could be filed.

Though officially, there are case numbers for 14 incidents, Public Information Officer Chandler Peay said that deputies assisted with many other requests for help when they were on the grounds. Following is a list of calls provided by the Sheriff’s Office public information officer:

1. Thefts from vendors. A large amount of sunglasses, airbrushes and airbrushed hats were stolen.
2. Missing juvenile, was found within 20 minutes.
3. Medical aid
4. Patrol check
5. Report of a fight
6. Report of a disturbance or verbal dispute, one person was reported to possibly have a gun. After arrival and investigation there was no evidence of that.
7. Report of a fight
8. Report of a fight. An arrest was made and the victim was flown by air ambulance for treatment
9.  Medical aid call #8
10. Report of a fight
11. Error (case had already been reported)
12.Report of a fight
13. Verbal dispute
14. Verbal dispute


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