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Sheriff’s Office investigates threat on Quincy Elementary’s Alder campus

By Debra Moore

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a threat made at the Alder Street campus of Quincy Elementary School on Tuesday, March 14. The campus serves grades three through six.

Patrol Commander Carson Wingfield and his staff investigated the incident. Wingfield said that elementary school students reported hearing a fifth-grader state that he saw himself carrying out a shooting when he is in the ninth grade. There was some concern that the individual had access to a weapon.

“There is a protocol in place when this happens,” Wingfield said, “and the investigation was conducted.” He said it was determined that there is “no accessibility to weapons.”

As for the school district, Superintendent Bill Roderick released the following statement last night:

“We’ve been made aware of a school safety threat at Quincy Elementary School, Alder Campus that occurred on Tuesday, March 14. An internal investigation was immediately conducted and law enforcement was notified. The threat was resolved.

“School staff continues to work with those directly involved and with law enforcement. Quincy Elementary has policies in place to keep all students and staff safe. Thank you to our staff, families, and parents for taking this opportunity to review school safety and encourage all students that if they hear or see something that makes them feel unsafe, to share that information with an adult.”

District Attorney Dave Hollister said that since there was “no actionable threat” the school district would deal with the student according to education code. The student will not be on campus for a prescribed period of time.


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