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Sheriff’s officers changing to pickups

Plumas County residents and visitors might be interested to note that the Plumas County Sheriff is phasing out its smaller SUV patrol vehicles in favor of pickups.

Members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors approved the decision Tuesday, Dec. 18, by allowing the department to purchase four more 2018 Ford F150s.

Sheriff Greg Hagwood said the office tried three of them out this last year and they’re happy with them.

“They’re the same price as the smaller pod cars,” Hagwood explained. And they’re much more versatile especially given the topography of Plumas County.

He said they’re also more durable, have better ground clearance and can tow off-road vehicles. They handle better in the snow and make for easier prisoner transport. He added that the pickups come with a bed cover and make storing officers’ gear easier.

The only downside the sheriff’s office has noted is that the four-door F150s do use more gasoline than the smaller pods, as Hagwood called the vehicles that are being phased out as they get too old.

One of the new pickups, marked with the familiar sheriff’s logo in green and gold, is destined for the narcotic investigations unit. That vehicle was not to exceed $40,000.

Three other vehicles are not to exceed $150,000. These are grant-funded, Sheriff Greg Hagwood told Supervisors.

Vehicles were purchased based on a state bid from Ford Motor Company. They’re also included in the fiscal year 2018-19 sheriff’s budget.

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