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Sierra County closes schools; cancels Loyalton homecoming

Editor’s note: Following is a message sent to parents in neighboring Sierra County last evening, Oct. 5, as schools have been closed due to an increase in COVID cases. It’s hoped that a break will help stop the rapid spread.

Good evening Sierra-Plumas families, this is superintendent James Berardi with an important message regarding the current COVID outbreak.

As you are probably aware, Sierra County is experiencing a massive uptick in positive cases that is impacting both sides of the county.

Today the administrative team met with our local health department to go over the current situation. Later this afternoon the admin team met with the districts’ teachers union to further our discussions and next steps. During this meeting four additional cases were confirmed within the schools.

At this point it was decided that we needed a break to reset and assist on putting an end to the current outbreak. The Delta Variant is proving to be highly contagious and we have numerous active cases at each site. Therefore, there will be no school for all district schools starting tomorrow, October 6th thru Monday the 18th.

This Thursday, October 7th, students may return to school to pick up needed books, supplies, hotspots and Chromebooks. Staff will be present to handout items between 8-10 AM and 12-1 PM. Teaches will also be informing the students/parents of procedures and logistics. LHS will add additional pick up times both Thursday and Friday from 5-6:30 PM. No buses will be running.

Lunches will still be provided if you call in and place an order the night before. Lunches maybe picked up between 11:30 and noon.

All Loyalton High School homecoming activities will be cancelled and the staff is looking into rescheduling options for a later date and game.

Please know that all involved in these decisions are devastated and are working tirelessly to continue to provide an education and keep everyone safe.

It is our intention to get this back under control and be able to return as soon as possible to more normal activities.

Thank you once again for your patience and working with your teachers, staff and administrators.

Please reach out to your site administrator if you have questions.

Stay safe and have a good evening.

James Berardi

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