Getting on the bus! The spring Cattlemen’s Tour shows off Indian Valley ranches June 29. Photos by Heather Kingdon

Sierra Valley meets North Arm and Genesee in Cattlemen’s Tour

The lushness of the landscape. That clear sky. The livestock. The trees. It’s good to have that visual. It’s great to know where you’re friends and associates live too. That’s why on June 29, the Plumas-Sierra Cattlemen’s Association chartered a bus and took 57 people on a tour of Indian Valley ranches.

“We all know each other, but we don’t all know where the ranches are and where our houses are,” said organizer Carolyn Roberti of Sierra Valley.

The Cattlemen’s Tour happens twice a year — in spring and fall — highlighting the operations of ranches throughout Plumas County. This particular tour brought Sierra Valley to Taylorsville and beyond. Each tour highlights a different area in rotation. The fall tour will be held in Sierra Valley on Oct. 26 and is open to the public to enjoy.

The tour culminates in a dinner, which was put on by the Taylorsville Tavern.


The evening is generally light-hearted — no discussion of heavy issues. There’s no way, however, to tour Indian Valley without pointing out the sites where wolf sighting have occurred on ranches.

2 thoughts on “Sierra Valley meets North Arm and Genesee in Cattlemen’s Tour

  • As an ethically challenged carnivore who has tried to go vegan, I have to give support to all small ranchers. At the same time, I condemn tortuous factory farm CAFOs. These places not only are immoral, they concentrate animal waste to unreasonable levels. Much of the product is exported to make up for our dead traditional manufacturing exports. Most of the meat America needs could be raised “free range”.
    America needs a FOOD REVOLUTION, not a civil war. It’s these people who could lead the way, but the environmentalists make their life difficult. Environmentalists in the palm of big ag. The tables need to turn. CAFOs need more scrutiny, and independant ranchers need support by .gov backing off

  • =Meanwhile – I Couldn’t agree more. I would also add to that comment the small farmers who need support in the face of the huge corporate farms and the GMO lobby.

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