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Sign up for free PUSD student meals during COVID-19 response

By Roni Java

Plumas Unified School District is committed to continuing its free breakfast and lunch program for all students under the age of 18 while local campuses are closed in response to the pandemic COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak.

The nutritious “to-go” sack lunches and breakfasts will be available only on weekdays and from 7:30 to 10 a.m.

PUSD is able to provide meals to anyone aged 18 or under and the children must be present to receive them, but in observance of current social distance health requirements, students should take them elsewhere to be consumed.

Families need to fill out a simple survey to ensure there will be enough meals each day.

Pick up meals here

Effective Friday, March 20, meals will be available for drive-through pickup or walkup at these school sites and the district is moving to deliver meals to some bus stop locations within the next several days.

– Chester Elementary

– C. Roy Carmichael Elementary

– Greenville Jr./Sr. High & Elem.

– QES Pioneer School

– Quincy Jr./Sr. High School

Fortunate to have the program

PUSD is one of a limited number of school districts in California where every student is able to receive a free breakfast and lunch through a federally subsidized program.

The district contributes financially to offer the program as well, which takes into account income levels and community need. Most other school districts are only able to offer the meal program at one or a few of their school sites. PUSD offers the meal program at every school site in the county.

How to submit your meal survey on PUSD’s Facebook page

 To help the school district plan and prepare enough free breakfast and lunch meals for students while our local campuses are closed, please fill out PUSD’s simple survey form by visiting the Plumas Unified School District’s Facebook page.

On the left-hand side of the Facebook page, you will see a search box that says, “Search for posts on this page.”

Enter the term Meal Service During School Closure and click enter. You will be directed to the survey on the district’s Google Docs site. Enter your information and click to submit.

The survey form will soon be available on the PUSD website at www.pcoe.k12.ca.us.

Call 283-6500 for information

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