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Sign-ups Jan. 19 for those 75 and older who want the vaccine

Plumas County residents who are 75 and older have the chance to receive a vaccine this week.

Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 19. Public Health instructs individuals to register at only one location as there are only 200 total vaccines available for an age group that represents roughly 1,250 Plumas residents. All listed phone numbers should be online when registration begins.

Although the state has prioritized any person 65 or older to receive the vaccination, due to limited supply, Plumas County will start with those 75 and older.

More events will be scheduled as vaccine becomes available. Public Health is working closely with the three county hospitals to dispense vaccines.

There will be opportunities for vaccinations this week in Chester, Graeagle and Quincy. Details are included below:


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