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Family owned and operated, Slusher Plumbing serves Plumas and Lassen counties. From left: Connie Slusher, scheduling and contract manager; with Bobby Kuersten, dispatcher and office manager. Both are happy to answer any of your questions regarding your plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling needs. Photo by Stacy Fisher

Slusher Plumbing serving Lassen and Plumas counties

Established in 1980, Slusher, Inc., is a full service plumbing, heating, cooling, and electric company serving all of Plumas and Lassen counties along with a portion of Tehama County through to Mineral, with plans to expand service into Portola, Graeagle and Blairsden within the next couple of months, noted proprietor David Slusher.

Located at 681 Main St. in downtown Chester, the family-operated company has a 40-year reputation for professional quality work. No residential or commercial job is too small or too large, remarked Connie Slusher, scheduling and contract manager. David Slusher Sr. brings 50-plus years of experience in the field.

In addition to having the expertise in the repair and maintenance of HVAC systems, Slusher Plumbing is an authorized Generac dealer and factory-trained service provider for all portable and automatic standby generator installations and repairs, including warrantee work.

Generators come in all sizes and are fueled by gasoline, propane or diesel, Slusher noted, depending on the size of the unit and whether it’s primary operation is for home use or in large commercial or industrial settings.

The home or business owner has several options to program units that power whatever lighting, appliances and heating requirements are needed in different rooms during times that provide the most benefit to the customer.

Slusher pointed out that in Chester and the surrounding region the power can be expected to go out as much as two or more times during the winter season or whenever inclement weather conditions persist.

One of the technological advantages to having a Generac generator installed in your home or business is that an automatic transfer switch disconnects from the utility line when power goes out and at the same time connects to the generator, with the result that power is restored within a few seconds — even if no one is at home. When the power from the utility company comes back online, the transfer switch disconnects the generator and returns it to standby mode.

At such times it’s conducive — even critical — to have a backup generator, she said. And with PG&E now instituting its Public Safety Power Shutoff program at any time of the year, homeowners should consider the installation of a generator as a precaution, especially when the power could be off from a few hours to a few days.

Slusher Plumbing installs gas lines as well as hydronic systems (a heating system in which heat is transported using circulating water with a mix of glycol), along with the requisite piping through baseboards for heating, in addition to radiant, in-floor heating systems.

The company also can replace traditional hot water heaters and furnaces with upgraded technologies and more efficient units.

Plus new thermostats can be installed that can be operated remotely to set indoor temperatures and household lighting with the use of a Smartphone.

Entire electrical and plumbing installations are offered that strictly adhere to current building codes, whether its new constructions, commercial buildings, apartments or remodels. County officials inspect all work for safety and workmanship.

In the case of overall repairs requiring the demolition of drywall or flooring, the company has established professional relationships with general contractors that can make any necessary fixes.

Estimates are provided for work, with any fee charged for a consultation credited back to the customer in the final contract.

The company also provides emergency service during the workweek, said Slusher.

Customers needing emergency service can call the main office phone at 258-3474 and a technician will respond back quickly and work until the job is completed.

Slusher said that, “We pride ourselves on being a reliable, full-service provider, dedicated to quality workmanship by a knowledgeable staff.”

She said that they receive continuing education in all the fields that they’re licensed in, adding that they are “very, very supportive of the local community and those communities in which we operate throughout our service area,” with all work guaranteed.

Slusher Plumbing

Owners: Family operated

Regular business hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Address: 681 Main St., Chester

Office phone: 258-3474

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.slusherplumbing.com

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