Volunteer Maggie Fleming has an armful of snow poles to install to help guide visitors along the snowy Loop A section of the Collins Pine Nature Trail in Chester. Photos submitted

Snow fun begins on Collins Pine Trail

A “welcome” sign greets visitors at the trailhead where they can begin their trek for a few hours of exploration along the Collins Pine Trail.

Under the auspices of the Almanor Recreation and Park District, Steve Fleming, ARPD Trails Committee project manager for the Collins Pine Nature Trail restoration project, has been overseeing the maintenance work by community volunteers, local students and others, all working to restore the Collins Pine Nature Trail in Chester.

The trail system is broken down into six phases, with Phase 1 restoration-enhancement efforts now complete and the trail open to the public after months of dedicated effort.

Although the trail may attract a lot of summer foot traffic, it is also open during the winter months, Fleming pointed out.

“We installed the snow poles for Loop A on Dec. 1 as planned,” he said, adding that a few “Trail Blazers” volunteered to help with the effort, but bad weather kept them stuck at home.


“As it turned out, while my wife Maggie and I were in town the sun came out, it was beautiful, and since all our trail gear was in the car we decided to go for it, and we started installing snow guide poles along the trail route ourselves.”

The bright orange snow poles are installed at key trail intersections to help visitors find their way around the loop. Additionally there is a map box with trail maps at the trailhead.

Whether you wear snowshoes or want to cross-country ski, Loop A of the Collins Pine Trail is ready and open for you and your family to enjoy, he said, so why not check it out?

Over the next few weeks more snow poles will be added to guide visitors to Loop B and the new #5 spur leading to the North Fork of the Feather River.

Entry to the trail is just west of the Collins Park ball field at the Truman-Collins Sports Complex, behind the Almanor Recreation Building at 102 Meadowbrook Loop. Look for the signs directing you to the trailhead.


To volunteer to help in the restoration of the Collins Pine Nature Trail starting in the spring and through the summer (usually on Saturdays), or for answers to your questions regarding the trail system, contact Steve Fleming at [email protected].

Signs have been posted to help direct those looking to hike the trail year ‘round.