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Snowshoe and ski adventures await at Plumas Eureka

Trails were groomed Feb. 15 and staff are hoping for a freeze to keep trail conditions firm. “… Grooming conditions were some of the best this season,” said volunteer groomer Ken McMaster. “We were able to flatten a lot of the trails and widen more for snowshoers. Very good snow coverage overall.”

Volunteers were able to freshen up all the trails except Camp Lisa. “That needs extra volunteer help to reopen,” said McMaster. “If it freezes overnight, it should be great skiing, otherwise, just really good.” The wind and snow load has resulted in some debris on the trails. Volunteers pick up as much of it as time allows, but trail users are advised to always keep a look out for obstacles. There is one 6-8 foot section on the Museum trail near the campground that is burned out down to the pavement. This is a frequent occurrence. PESPA is seeking volunteers that are willing to help bridge the bare section. “If we got a team of shovelers together, we could probably bridge it 4-5’ wide in about an hour or so,” said McMaster. “Any volunteers for that?”

A new sign at the trailhead demonstates how visitors can assist the efforts of trail groomers by exercising “snowshoe etiquette.” Those on snowshoes are asked to stay to the opposite side of the tracks and not walk down the middle of the groomed trail. Single file is the desired spacing when areas narrow. Volunteers spend most of their time smoothing out snowshoe tracks. The trails are groomed for both skis and snowshoes. Tracks are set for track skiers. Remember, no walking is allowed on any of the trails and dogs are not allowed on the main trails.

Anyone interested in participating on the new ‘Ski Patrol’ to assist with the winter PESPA program digging out equipment, helping with trail grooming, passing on important safety rules and history to the public are advised to call 994-1050 for more information on volunteering.

Grooming report

Jamison Trail: Open, groomed, set track and skating lane. A little rough the first 100 yards, but good after that.

Harpers Way: Open, groomed, set track and skating lane. This turned out the best this year.

Camp Lisa: Closed until more snow or more volunteers are available to shovel and level snow.

Upper Campground: Open, groomed, skating lane, set track. Better than it has been.

Campground: Open, groomed, set track and skating lane. Good skiing.

Lower Campground: Open, groomed, set track and skating lane. Made it a loop.

Bear Scat Flat: Open, groomed, set track and skating lane. Did several passes to improve.

Plumas-Eureka: Open, groomed, set track and skating lane. Very wide.

Avalanche Advisory

The Central Sierra Nevada Mountain Avalanche Advisoryis issued daily by the Sierra Avalanche Center (SAC), covering the Northern Sierra Nevada mountain range from Ebbett’s Pass (State Highway 4, Alpine County) to Yuba Pass (State Highway 49, Sierra County).

A new graphic at Plumas-Eureka State Park trailhead illustrates how outdoor adventurers can best utilize the ski and snowshoe trails that are groomed and maintained by a team of PESPA volunteers. Photo submitted

It applies to back-country areas outside of developed ski areas only.For daily avalanche advisory information, go to the SAC website at www.sierraavalanchecenter.org, or phone 587-3558.

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