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A local group of friends stop and wave before trying out the Collins Pine Trail, located behind the Almanor Recreation Center building off Meadowbrook Loop in Chester, for a few hours of snowshoeing Jan. 27.

Snowshoe course set up and ready for fun

A number of snow poles are now installed along the Collins Pine Trail in Chester to help guide the way for those wishing to snowshoe.

Several volunteers met up Jan. 27 to install the snow poles on the Collins Pine Trail for those wishing to use the trail for snowshoeing.

Snow conditions were perfect that day, making it easier for the group of volunteers to make a clear track to follow.

The winter trailhead is just behind the Almanor Recreation Center building off Meadowbrook Loop, west of the ball field at Truman Collins Sports Complex in Chester.

I recommend that people come out soon to enjoy the snow, before a warming trend develops and melts the snow away. Or wait for the next major snowfall before taking a trek through the snow-covered trail. Consider bringing water and perhaps a snack to eat during a break in activities.

One word of caution: The creek crossing near Post 9 is tough going for those with snowshoes. Go about 40 feet upstream to the narrow spot where the watercourse can be forded with ease. You’ll see our tracks there, too.

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