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Some Eastern Plumas areas under evacuation warnings

Heavy rains and run off have increased the levels of the middle fork of the Feather River. Residents along the river and low-lying areas near the river should be prepared to evacuate and move to higher ground. If possible, consider moving prior to conditions worsening.

This warning applies to all areas along the Feather River from A23 to Sloat and low-lying areas adjacent to the river in that area. If the warning is escalated, the Sheriff’s Office will provide an evacuation point(s) and will notify in person as well.

The Sheriff’s Office is issuing an EVACUATION WARNING for the low-lying areas of the following zones:

PLU-101, POR-004, POR-005, POR-001, POR-006, POR-007, PLU-094, PLU-095, PLU-111, PLU-110, GRA-006, GRA-002, GRA-003, GRA-001, PLU-089, PLU-072.

These areas have been identified as the highest threat to flood, however flooding could take place in areas outside of these identified zones. The Sheriff’s Office recommends residents remain mindful of their surroundings and their proximity to potentially flooded areas.

Residents may look up their specific addresses and see the evacuation zones at community.zonehaven.com


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