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Source of power outage known; race against nightfall UPDATED

UPDATE 7:33 p.m. Power was restored this evening at 7:23 p.m. in Quincy, slightly after that in East Quincy. The power outage ended roughly 7 hours after it began. Sorry kids, looks like there will be school tomorrow.

The source of the power outage that began at roughly 12:20 this afternoon has been pinpointed. The issue is with a transmission line in a remote area within the Feather River Canyon. PG&E is working on repairs and utilizing helicopters in the operation. According to PG&E spokesman Paul Moreno, the utility is hopeful that power will be restored later this evening; however if crews run out of daylight before finishing the work, power might not be restored until tomorrow.

The outage is impacting customers in Meadow Valley, East Quincy, Quincy and the Canyon.

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