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Feather River College student Lauren Hussy turns the band while Brandon William and Alec Lionardini showoff some of their best jump roping moves. Cody Miller was at the other end of the jump line.

Spaghetti, music feed the body, warm the soul

It was an evening designed to bring Feather River College students and the community together for free spaghetti and an evening of music.

It was a perfect spring evening at Gansner Park as three members of the college’s Outdoor Recreation Leadership program saw all their hard work come together. Cal Blanton, Suzanne de Martimprey and Will Hoxie took on the challenge of organizing the event, according to instructor Darla DeRuiter.

One of the event’s focal points was a free spaghetti dinner for everyone. Students cooked up pots of pasta, prepared sauce, made meatballs, chopped up fresh mushrooms and diced red peppers as part of the feast. Watermelon was for dessert.

Musicians were invited to share their songs as the event got fully underway.

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