Special districts need the public’s help

By Mimi Garner

Director, Plumas County Special Districts Association

Are you tired of sitting at home and watching TV as the world passes you by?  Enrich your life by volunteering locally!  There is a huge demand for volunteers to man our Community Services and Special Districts boards.  Due to Covid, there are a lot of empty board seats. They cannot function without a quorum.

Over 350 citizens volunteer every year to keep our community services districts operating properly.  These districts provide us with clean potable water and manage the /waste disposal systems for our homes.  They also oversee our hospitals, volunteer fire departments.  They maintain our parks and recreation districts. Not to mention, keeping our cemeteries landscaped and beautiful. All vital endeavors to running our county.


When you volunteer, you’ll be giving back to the community and you’ll meet and work with some wonderful people. The few hours you invest per month or per quarter will make a big difference for your neighborhood and the Plumas County community.

How can you make a difference, you ask?  By volunteering to fill a vacant board seat left empty during the Covid crisis.

Here is a list of the special districts in Plumas County that I am sure many of you will recognize depending on which part of the county or neighborhood you live in. Give them a call to see how you can help.

Plumas County Special Districts

Almanor Recreation and Park District

American Valley Community Services District – Katie

Beckwourth Community Services District Area

Beckwourth Fire Protection District ::: Beckworth Fire Protection

Bucks Lake Fire Department

C Road Fire Department and CSD

California Special Districts Association

Central Plumas Recreation and Park District


Chester Cemetery District

Chester Public Utility District & Fire Dept.

Clio Public Utility District

City of Portola

Crescent Mills Cemetery District

Crescent Mills Fire Protection District

Cromberg Cemetery District

Sierra Valley GroundWater Management District

Dixie Valley Community Services District

East Quincy Community Services District

Eastern Plumas Health Care

Eastern Plumas Rural Fire Protection District

Feather River Canyon Community Services District

Feather River Community College District

Feather River Resources Conservation District

Gold Mountain Community Services District

Graeagle Community Services District

Graeagle Fire Protection District ::: Graeagle Fire Protection District

Greenhorn Creek Community Services District & Fire Department

Greenville Cemetery District

Grizzly Lake Community Services District

Grizzly Ranch Community Services District & Fire Department

Hamilton Branch Community Services District

Hamilton Branch Fire Protection District

Indian Valley Community Services District

Indian Valley Fire Department

Indian Valley HealthCare District now a part of EPHC

Indian Valley Recreation & Park District

Johnsville Public Utility District

La Porte Fire Protection District


Last Chance Creek Water District

Long Valley Community Services District

Long Valley VFD – V Fire Department

Meadow Valley Fire Protection District

Mohawk Valley Cemetery District

Peninsula Fire Protection Department

Plumas County Flood Control

Plumas District Hospital – Jeffry Kepple

Plumas Eureka CSD

Plumas Eureka State Park Association John Sciborski- Treasurer

Portola Cemetery District

Portola City Fire Department

Prattville-Almanor Fire Protection District

Quincy Community Services District

Quincy Fire Protection District

Quincy Lighting District

Quincy-LaPorte Cemetery District

Seneca Healthcare District

Sierra Plumas Joint Unified School District

Sierra Valley Fire Protection District

Sierra Valley Ground Water Management District

Taylorsville Cemetery District

Walker Ranch Community Services District BOS

West Almanor Community Services District

Whitehawk Ranch HOA & Community Services District