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Special treat for pets and volunteers

We have many supporters and generous donors to our rescue, but one young person really stands out. His name is Adin Lunder and he is a true animal lover. This generous young man gives his birthday cash and money he has collected all year to our rescue to help with the care of the animals.

In an age where most children might be focused on what they could buy for themselves — FitBit, video game, toys, etc. — this most giving young man brought in over $100 and several types of cat toys he bought for the animals. Last year he gave us cash and made toys from peacock feathers for our animals.

This simple act of kindness has touched our volunteers very deeply and we want to publicly acknowledge Adin and his generous heart. Thanks to you dear Adin and kudos to your parents on the fine job of raising an aware and empathetic child.

This week our rescue got a new front window that opens from both sides! The old solid window was not safety glass and did not allow for ventilation.  This new window is tinted, opens and is safe. WIN, WIN, WIN!!

We have plans to build a “catio” under the existing overhang and then the adult cats will  have a chance to see more of the world and experience fresh air and the outdoors a bit.

We are always striving to better the environment and the lives of our animals and have had this plan in mind for a while now. Our kitten playroom has a small catio out of a side window and they love it — so now it’s the adult’s turn to have some fun!

Thank you to all who have helped us financially and enabled Friends to complete this long awaited project. You are all appreciated …

Our volunteers hope your lives will be filled with laughter, hope and kindness in the coming season. From our family to yours — Happy Holidays!

Love and thanks from Rose, Dale, Jimmie, Cynthia, Carolyn, Kris, Kathy, MaryLou, Pat, Nancy, Cathy, Terri and Anna.

Friends of PC Animals is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and all donations are tax deductible. All monies donated go directly to the care and comfort of the rescue animals. NO money goes towards salaries or administrative fees. Friends is not a county entity.

Donations can be sent to Friends, PO Box 182, Quincy 95971. Thank you for your continued support.

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