Quincy Elementary School third-graders use a McLeod tool to clear a path at Boyles Ravine Learning Landscape on Oct. 11. Photo by Cary Dingel

Students help build a new piece of trail near Boyle’s Ravine in Quincy

Kyle Stone and Jeff Dupras from the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship helped students at Quincy Elementary work on building a new piece of trail at the Boyle’s Ravine Learning Landscape.

After instructions on using a McLeod tool, Mrs. Kristin Russell’s third-graders headed up the hill on Oct. 11 to continue clearing the trail started earlier in the day by another group of students. A McLeod tool (or rakehoe) is a two-sided blade — one a rake with coarse tines, one a flat sharpened hoe — on a long, wooden handle. It is a standard tool during wildfire suppression and trail restoration

The cool forest air rang with students enjoying their time pushing undergrowth to one side, clearing rocks off the trail, and working together to determine where the trail would go.

Students gather around Kyle Stone, left, and Jeff Dupras of the Sierra Butte Trails Stewardship before working on a trail at Boyles Ravine. Photo by Cary Dingel
At right in the red shirt is third-grade teacher Mrs. Kristin Russell, making sure that all of the students make it up the trail. Photo by Cary Dingel
A sign welcomes trail goers to the Boyles Ravine Learning Landscape. Photo by Cary Dingel
Students hard at work clearing a trail for Boyles Ravine Learning Landscape. Photo by Cary Dingel