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Greenville High School sophomore Lloyd Roth runs steel wool over the top of the table he built in shop class.

Student’s project holds a piece of school’s history

Teacher Dan Brown holds the original redwood louvers, still covered in paint, next to Roth’s table project. Photos submitted

The wood shop at Greenville Junior-Senior High School is a large, light-filled space, well stocked with raw materials on racks, shelves and cubbies. Projects in various states of completion sit on workbenches and the floor.

Tucked up against the far wall, one project stands out amongst the tools and stacked wood: A small, two-toned, rectangular table, light shining on its varnished redwood trim.

“Can you believe it?” asks shop teacher Dan Brown. “This redwood is recycled material from another classroom’s old louvers. They were taken down, and rather than throw them out, we were able to bring them here to the shop.”

After removing the paint, Brown was amazed to find clear wood, with a beautiful, knot-free grain. “This is just unbelievable material,” he adds, running his hand over the trim piece.

Sophomore Lloyd Roth decided to work the pieces into a small table, its clean lines accentuated by the contrasting dark redwood.

“This is my favorite class,” says Roth, carefully smoothing the finish with a piece of steel wool, readying it for a final coat of lacquer.

“All the materials used in this table are recycled, reclaimed, reused,” says Brown. “Lloyd really did a great job with this, he took the time to get a great result, and you can tell.”

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