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Sun to set on Plumas News at the end of July

July 31 will mark the end of an era for Feather Publishing and Plumas News. We are proud of the long tradition of being the news source for Plumas County, but it’s now time for us to make yet another change in our operations.

First with our newspapers and more recently with, we have been the go-to place to learn about what is happening in breaking news, local government, the schools, community organizations, and more. Unfortunately, the pandemic compelled us to cease printing the newspapers in April 2020, but in their absence, we turned to the digital on-line format of to fill that void. We recognize the importance of breaking news that requires the quick dissemination of information. We also take pride in knowing that Plumas News also established itself as the site to find news that has been researched and verified.

This decision to move on from reporting the news has not been made lightly, but, for a variety of reasons, it’s a necessary migration. It’s our hope that someone will come forward to fill this opportunity to be the next leader in reporting local news. Feather Publishing will continue to produce its monthly magazine High Country Life, as well as the Plumas County Visitors Guide, Dining Guide and other niche publications.

Those who would like more information about this announcement may call 530-283-0800.

61 thoughts on “Sun to set on Plumas News at the end of July

  • This is a tragic loss for Plumas County. We all rely on your posts and reporting and amazing community support. I sure hope we can find a replacement – big shoes to fill! Thank you for your decades of service and reporting for our entire county! You have also given the community a voice to weigh in on all the critical
    news affecting us all. Best to you all as you continue with your other publications – which we also enjoy and cherish to highlight our amazing county and businesses. Again, sincere thanks and we will sure miss you!

  • I just starting reading the on-line versions about 6 months ago being somewhat new to the area. I agree with the comment above and will greatly miss these. THANK YOU for all you do and have done for the community. You did it very very well.

  • We, in Sierra County, are devastated that Plumas News will cease. Your regional reporting has been excellent and unbiased. The opportunity for community conversation through option pieces and letters to the editor is a valuable outlet for the joys and frustrations of living in rural communities.
    We are grateful for your many years serving Plumas and Sierra Counties and hope someone will step up to continue the Plumas News tradition.
    Cindy Ellsmore, Sierra City

  • Please! Please someone with journalistic aspirations step up and fill this void.
    Feather Publishing has not only offered entertainment features but critically important safety information for all of us who love this county. Many many Thanks to all of you who have blessed us with news ,
    Information , and lots of laughs.

  • Oh no! I am one who has depended totally on Plumas News for current information and updates about events (especially crises, emergencies such as fires, evacs, severe weather, pandemic, etc.) and other critical life-affecting news. I’ve continued to be sincerely grateful for the services that you have provided our expanded community. I’ve no other source for that information, so am feeling a bit panicky right now (particularly for being a senior living alone). Please-oh-please let someone step up to carry-on. And very best wishes for your future endeavors!

  • What a loss to the county. Plumas News has been so important to all of us keeping us informed about everything from fires to floods to social events. It will be sorely missed.

  • I must agree with all the above comments. I am so disappointed and shocked to learn that we will not have this news service. What a blessing and a hope and a success it has been for keeping us all informed. More and more smaller, regional news outlets are going out of business. It is a type of downfall for the American, democratic way. Thank you for all these years of being there and fulfilling this great need. Now we see more than ever how very important it has been to us.

  • I used to read the paper before covid and have been reading online posts since. Thank you all very much for providing us with news for many years. I agree with Diana. I have enjoyed reading local news for years but especially with all the fires in recent years this my main source to know if a fire was getting close by. Now I don’t know where I will look.

    • I agree that online Plumas news will be missed! A reliable source of accurate up to date fire information is WatchDuty. Google them and sign up for notifications. They are a nonprofit that draws from lots of sources—- fire departments, sheriff’s scanners, forest service scanners, etc to provide quick info. They do accept donations. My wife and I donate to them every month.

    • We in Plumas and Lassen counties will be totally without news. I imagine Lassen county times will follow. Have you advertised for sale to an interested person, who can put articles together and still online? How does Fall River Mills still print a newspaper? Small but better than nothing! Sounds like Feather River Publishing has thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

  • First, THANK YOU for many years of dedication to the people of the county. But as to the upcoming shut-down, this is truly a major loss for the community. In both its prior print format and the more recent online form, Plumas News has been a vital source of timely and important information for residents and visitors alike. Without such a local news source we will all be less informed and more at the mercy of rumor, speculation and intentional disinformation.

  • Thank you for providing a great source of information! As a local business owner (realtor) . I have looked to your site for great information to share with clients, but I do understand you had to make a hard decision and support that as well. Thanks

  • Is there any way to save Plumas News?
    It’s the only source of information the community has. There’s no one else sharing information in the local politics or crime. What is this County going todo without its news source?

  • This is a devastating turn of events but understandable. I hope the community can rally and find a way to continue Plumas News.

  • I could not echo my feelings about this as well as Mr. Knutsen said it so well. This is incredibly sad news for a rural community, like many across the country, that is losing its local and regional news, whether it be about an event, meeting, opinion, kids soccer team, or whatever that is important to us local folk.

    This is happening far too often in rural America. For unincorporated communities that had little political voice, at least they had community voices. And now that is disappearing with the demise of radio stations, printed newspapers, and now electronic newspapers.

    I don’t know what good may come of this, but further decline in our community populations, declining school enrollments, fewer businesses, and an aging population is not the answer. Neither is uncontrollable growth that destroys our way of life. Somewhere in the middle, however, we need enough growth to sustain our communities and businesses. We need to work harder at finding ways to get younger people with families to move into our wonderful county and communities. Until we do, there will be more closures, unfortunately.

  • Oh no. This is such a terrible loss. No source for information. We need Plumas News andI I hope it can be saved.

  • Thank you for being there for all those years of providing essential & accurate information through all of the county & beyond. Through thick & thin, tragedy & celebration, Disaster & Recovery!!! Hopefully someone will follow your example, Again , Thanks!!!

  • As the old saying goes, “you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it.” This has been a valuable resource, better and more factual than many metropolitan outlets.
    I’m sure Covid and the fires among other matters has proven too much for Plumas News, though I wonder why we haven’t been required to pay a subscription.
    Local organizations, especially nonprofits, will have to find a way to get their word out.

  • I’ve lived here for 23 1/2 years and have depended on the newspaper for my safety and information. I will continue to receive information from the Plumas County Sheriff’s posts and the Quincy, Ca Peeps group posts on FaceBook and anything else I can find. Someone above mentioned something called WatchDuty, so I will look for that. Thank you for your GREAT service to our county and ALL of what you have done for us. I wish you the best.

  • Wow! Hard to believe. I worked for Feather Publishing at the Portola Reporter 1983-88. It was an interesting job and a great way to get to know my new-to-me community at that time. I met a lot of great people through that job and learned a lot as well. Sorry to see this change, but it’s happening everywhere with small town newspapers. Not everything is great about progress. Our internet is a great source, but we’ll never see the feature stories any longer about the people who make up our small communities and that’s a huge loss.

  • Somehow Sierra County still has two newspapers, the Mountain Messenger is better than ever, and now Plumas County has none.

  • Where will I go now to learn of all the Meth heads misbehaving and what the Trumpsters are up to??? I’ll be so at a loss!

  • But where will I get my fill of right wing Trump news???

    • Try Truth Social. It’s similar to Twitter.

  • I so missed the weekly paper when it stopped publishing, but was relieved when we could have online access. Plumas News has been a lifesaver during fires, storms..
    I am at a loss how we will all get important information to our communities: Board of Supervisors agendas/decisions, Law Enforcement, local issues that we need to be aware of, think of all the myriad of information Plumas News provides: health care, business, our environment, local grants, rate increases by utilities, ,dates of Political Forums, PUSD/FRC/educational, other local news: emergencies, meetings, youth sports sign ups, where the bears are, ( smile) the list goes on and on. Information dissemenation is what keeps communities healthy and flourishing.
    The media is sometimes viewed negatively by some, but Plumas News has been exceptional in unbiased and factual reporting. I shudder to think what it will be like when it is gone.
    I assume all options for Plumas News have been exhausted or they would not be taking this step.
    But , if there is anything that can be done to prevent this crucial resource from ceasing to exist , what would it take?
    Finally, I want to thank all of you for your service and dedication, with special kudos to Debra Moore who has always been responsive and gone above and beyond .

  • This is very sad indeed and a huge loss for our community.

  • You will be dearly missed and we are so grateful for all the years of your amazing reporting… I’m sure Im not the only one that sadly did not see this coming.
    Again grateful to all of you that made this possible all these years.

  • So many above have said so well what a tremendous loss this end of will be to all of us. We have remained a community with the sharing of news, ideas, events. I truly cannot imagine what life will be like without it.
    But I too send best wishes and big thank you’s to all of you that have played such an important part in our lives. We will miss you.

  • Living in Texas, I Loved coming on and reading about events/concerns in my hometown. Thank you for providing the news for so many years. You will be missed.

  • This is just not right! We need news in our community! How can we help?

  • I moved to Greenville in 1994 and subscribed to Plumas News ever since. Followed Plumas News on line when the printed version ceased. Followed Plumas News after the Dixie fire forced me to move. I will miss you. God bless you for your service and pray for your continued services.

  • Small local newspapers weave communities together, even when they feature disparate voices, and we certainly have those in Plumas County! Despite that fact, Plumas News has—with its essential reporting of “what’s happening now”—reminded citizens that each of us has something to offer the larger community, and each voice is critical to insuring the ongoing vitality of that community. This loss is devastating, and it’s hard to fathom how we’ll get by without the paper. Many thanks to Debra Moore and all the paper’s reporters over the years—you will all be sorely missed!

  • We too will miss Plumas News and realize just how remiss and spotty I’ve been in sending donations. I sincerely apologize and wonder if there is any way you could stay on, perhaps by changing to a subscription policy? I would be so happy to steadily support you for the incredible work you have done for years. We all depend on you very much.

  • “[You] have fought the good fight, [you] have finished the race,…”. Thank you for a job well done. Enjoy a well deserved retirement.

  • My family was forced to relocate after the Dixie Fire, Plumas News helped me feel connected to my favorite place in the world from 2,500 miles away. Thank you for all of your work over the years. I will deeply miss my connection to Greenville through your reporting.

  • Could it be saved by changing to a subscription? I bet most people would gladly pay for the Online newspaper!

  • What? Nooooooooooooo!! Fake dramatic tears — now real tears — now a sinking feeling. Covid made us feel so disconnected from one another. Plumas News pulled us through. Je ne sais pas. What now? Hard to process this.

  • I have been a resident o Plumas County and have supported Plumas News both in print and on line for almost 30 years. I have appreciated it’s contribution to this community, and I wholeheartedly agree with all the accolades in the comments offered here. But, what I don’t understand and what angers me more than a little, is that we are just being alerted to this dire decision, after the fact, with only 30 days notice. I’m sure that ‘management’ did not arrive at this easily……….I would ask why there was no attempt to involve the citizens of Plumas County about the possibility of loosing our ‘eyes, ears, our VOICE’ . It would seem that the decision involves the entire community of Plumas and as Journalists, is it not a moral responsibility to ‘inform’ your public.

    • The community does not have the final say over what service a private business provides. If plumas news is owned by private company, that company’s owner(s) decide how the company is run and what services it provides. We should be thankful for the unparalleled value and service that has been provided at no cost to us, the residents of plumas county instead of complaining that we were not involved in the decision of how a business operates. It’s entitlement to think that we should have some final say on how a private company in this county operates. Thank you to everyone at plumas news for all you have done for the community and the value you have provides us over the years. You will be missed.

  • Where will I get all my news of meth busts in Plumass County????

  • This is a tremendous loss to our area and community—without a source for local communication and news, things will become even more isolated than they already can be in a rural area. Oh dear!! I am mourning this loss deeply. Debra Moore and her staff have been wonderful throughout these years. Please, I hope someone steps in to continue this vital service….

  • Wow, I will miss this news source SO very much. I have relied on the Feather River Bulletin/Plumas News since 1952!!!!! Thank you for that! Is there ANYTHING we can do to keep it?????

  • I echo the above comments! The FRB is such an essential part of Plumas County, we left Quincy 12 years ago but continued our subscription to keep up with happenings at home. Now that we have moved back we value this publication just as much. I am keeping my hopes alive that someone will step up and continue this vitally important publication. Many thanks to all who have kept the Plumas news alive.

  • Speechless. Absolutely speechless.
    Others above have said it so well, I shall refrain.

    Fare thee well, our county’s sage.

  • I agree with all of the above look forward every day to read what’s going on in the area. Please hope someone I’ll pick it up and you share subscriber email lists.

  • Please convert to an online subscription. Most will gladly pay. Plumas News is vital to this region.

    • I’m with you all the way on that idea: on line subscription from readers like us who want/need to be connected to community concerns and interests. If advertisers weren’t paying the bills for you, perhaps individual subscribers will provide the necessary funding to keep you in the news business

    • DITTO with cash money !…..thank you for those years Debra

  • I wonder if there’s fire recovery, PG&E settlement money, or grant opportunities to develop a non-profit for local and essential news. Certainly journalism is something that can be linked to FRC course offerings, we’ve skilled writers and savvy business people in the community, and maybe there’s a way to transition, with a little help from our friends, including Plumas News, from what we took for granted to what must be developed now.

  • A real loss for the communities served, spoken as a seasonal visitor with deep interests in the area.

  • The days we agree and the days we didn’t, all fairly and squarely reported in Plumas News. Thank you for all your years of reliable and exemplary work putting it out there in positive ways. Covid did so much more damage to our entire culture and society than we can yet imagine. To Debra, Lauren, Dan, and all the others that have so faithfully represented who we are and mirrored back at us our neighbors and friends, thanks again.

  • Thank you for being there in the time of need all these past years. I would happily subscribe to an online publication. I have had all my generations get pictures in the paper. I look for current news every single day. Your informative information about the canyon work, the weather and other crisis’ is extremely important. I even read the fishing report weekly! Thank you for your service for all of these years. You will be missed.

  • You can always get your news from the Sierra Booster or on!

  • This is tragic for our community. Is there anyone out there with journalism training and website expertise willing to step in and fill these great big shoes? As a long time advertiser I am ready to spend my advertising dollars on a local news startup. I am sure there are others like me!

  • Best bet is the Sierra Booster take over the job with an expanded Plumas section! They already cover many areas of Plumas county and the entire Sierra Valley. They also have an on-line edition.

  • Sad loss for a great many, being born and raised in Quincy and now living 250 miles away Plumas News was how I kept up with things.

  • I am so sorry to hear this news. Having a reliable, straight-forward source for important information is a corner-stone for our rural communities; it is almost the key to our identity. As others have stated above, losing this resource is a tragic loss, and to me, it feels like a ‘death knell’ for our struggling communities. It will be impossible to fill these shoes, though I sincerely hope someone/or an entity, will come forward to continue to bring our communities reliable news and information that our communities rely on. That said, Debra Moore has done an exceptional job in her role at Plumas News, and the legacy that Feather Publishing will leave in its wake, will not be forgotten.

  • Very sad news!!! I have gotten my Plumas County News from you for over 40 years, even after moving out of the area and, while this will be a loss for me, I know the loss is even greater for the residents of Plumas County!!! I hope someone steps up to fill the void.

  • Wow a whole one month notice. Gives a lot of time for the communities effected to come up a save our news plan, not.

    The founders of this country knew how important the press is in a democracy. Sad we live to see another nail in the coffin. Okay maybe I’m overly pessimistic and someone will fill on the gap – fingers crossed.

  • We are very sorry to hear of the end of Plumas News. My wife Carol and I have each written weekly articles relative to Graeagle Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs for several years and have enjoyed the interaction with Plumas News. I assume the reason for discontinuing operation is financial. We agree with those who say they would pay a subscription; we would be willing to pay for a subscription if that option were made available. I know many of the members of the Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs read the Plumas News, because if I misspell a name or leave someone out of the article, I hear about it very quickly. Good luck to everyone involved in the operation of Plumas News in your new endeavors.

  • This really the Lost Sierra and Forgotten Plumas County. So Unfortunate. The only source of local news. Sacramento news stations do not cover Plumas. No News is not Good News!!

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