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Supervisor voices concerns over public works’ consultant choice

Supervisor Lori Simpson loudly voiced her concerns about Plumas County Public Works’ choice of a consulting service for several construction projects it has scheduled.

Simpson explained that Stantec Consulting Services seemed to have left Plumas County and the residents of tiny Tobin between a rock and a dry place.

That firm agreed to finish a water line project that would finally give local residents safe drinking water at the tap.

Simpson was concerned that Stantec allegedly agreed to do the project and then left before it was fully completely. What was left unfinished was the water line over or under a railroad bridge. Initially, supervisors, public works staff and the Community Development Commission thought the Tobin water issue would be completed last spring.

Now with winter’s arrival, those same individuals are still waiting for someone to complete the project.

Plumas County Public Works Director Bob Perreault attempted to assure Simpson during the Tuesday, Dec. 17, meeting, that the division of Stantec that allegedly didn’t finish the Tobin water project was no longer affiliated with the company.

Perreault explained that Jim Graham, a senior planner, was responsible for checking out all contractors.

Graham, in turn, said that he and Caltrans have done institutional background checks on Stantec and have confidence in the company.

Perreault said he thought that Stantec passes muster.

Simpson emphasized that Stantec’s work wasn’t completed at Tobin, but Graham assured her there are multiple eyes on the contracts. He said they were making sure they get everything completed.

Simpson pulled several contract approval requests from the consent agenda so she could discuss her concerns with public works.

Following the discussion, the contracts were approved along with other departmental requests under the consent agenda.

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